The Indian movie industry implicates some great themes which include romanticism, action, thriller, and comedy. Out of these most significant themes, there also lies business theme. This means that the movies implicate good entrepreneurship understanding to their viewers. So if you are a businessman or looking forward to starting your own business then these Bollywood business movies will surely teach you a good lesson.

Top 10 Bollywood Business Related Movies

1. Raees

The movie featured the most legendary actor and the king of Bollywood movie industry, Shah Rukh Khan. In the movie, khan appears to be a drug dealer who came from a lower-class family. His decisions as a businessman were truly remarkable and appreciated. The movie also featured the queen of Pakistani industry Mahira Khan as the wife of Khan. The acting of both the superhit actors made the movie worth watching.

2. 3 Idiots

Now this one is one of the blockbuster movies which crossed all the records at the box office. The movie was not solely meant to facilitate the viewers about the business or entrepreneurship but the movie taught some great and amazing lesson about the life, education and your will to stand up and do something for yourself in order to be happy. The movie featured the brilliant actor, Amir Khan along with his three friends

3. Dilwale

This one was another hit of the king of the Bollywood industry, Shah Rukh Khan. Khan was a mechanic in this movie who also worked for a gang. His story was very interesting to see on the big screen. The thrilling acting of Mr. Khan along with Kajol made the movie the top hit of 2015. The movie contains the best of the Bollywood music which are widely listened across the world.

4. Jolly LLB 2

The movie featured Akshay Kumar as the central actor. The actor is known for his comedy and romance. The movie taught the people about the basics of LAW and how to deal with the people and stand against the injustice. The movie implicated a great understanding for a lawyer who was brave and fought against the evil. The true message along with the comedy made the movie popular.

5. Dabangg

The movie featured the king Salman Khan who acted as an honest and brave police officer. Due to his honesty and bravery, he fought against the evil and the gang in India. The movie implicated the true message of how one should understand the culture and then react using his power in the society.

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6. Airliftv

The movie is one of the best business movies of all time in Bollywood. It was released in 2016 with featuring Akshay Kumar in the lead role. In the movie, Akshay Kumar was the owner of the company who went through the terrorist attacks in Koet. The way he approached every problem and supported his colleagues and workers were exceptional. His remarkable steps made the people clap for him! However, the songs were also praised across the world.

7. Ghajni

The Bollywood company business movie featured the great and the most talented actor, Amir Khan who was the CEO of the mobile telecom company. His success was because of his good steps and decision which made him stand out. The exceptionally sad and romantic story of Amir Khan made the people cry. The songs were also appreciated across the world for its beauty and simplicity.

8. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The movie featured King Khan along with the most gorgeous and beautiful Katrina Kaif. The movie was loved by the people because of the beautiful script and breathtaking songs. The movie was perfectly directed without leaving any faults. The chemistry and romance between king khan and Katrina Kaif were truly irreplaceable.

9. Singham Returns

The movie was similar to the Dabangg which was released a year before, however, the movie meant to show viewers how a good police officer could entirely change the country. A good approach towards the evil can surely make the worst country a good one.

10. Kabil

The movie featured Hrithik Roshan who was blind in the movie. The movie was beautifully directed and made it the perfect watch. The love chemistry between two blind couples was truly remarkable. The movie made the huge business because of the songs and the script which made the audience cry.

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