One of the most exciting and differentiating aspects of Bollywood industry is the action movies. The industry from its existence has not compromised on the action movies. The action movies depict some serious violence with an engaging story, with the compilation of the perfect direction. 2017 marks as the significant year in which the industry has produced some great, exciting and thrilling action movies. Now let’s check out the list of top Bollywood action movies.

Part 1. Top List of Bollywood Action Films in 2017

1. Tiger Zinda Hai

The movie is released in the late 2017 and featured the great Salman Khan. The movie was the second part of Ek Tha Tiger. The Yash Raj film did a great business worldwide due to the thrilling story and interesting songs. The movie also featured the most gorgeous Katrina Kaif as the wife of, Tiger, Salman Khan. The movie also performed well at the box office.

2. Raees

This Bollywood action film was also released in the mid of 2017 with featuring Shahrukh Khan and the great Mahira Khan together. The movie was based on the idea of drug dealing and depicted some serious violence. The movie was a blockbuster hit as it confined the actors from both India and Pakistan. The movie was exceptional praised by the people across the world for some amazing songs.

3. Baahubali 2

The movie is set to be a second part of the great and the most thrilling movie, Bahubali. The movie was based on the war between the two countries and was enjoyed by the people of South Asia. The movie was purely a great action movie which you should watch right away. The movie also did a decent business at box office.

4. Kaabil

The movie was released at the start of 2017 while featuring the great Rithick Roshan. The story of a blind couple seems romantic right? But the movie was instantly changed into an action movie when the couple tend to take the revenge of the people who raped her wife. The movie was appreciated for the mixture of romance, drama, and action. The movie is a great example of a perfectly directed movie.

5. Ittefaq

The movie was released at the end of 2017. The movie was a pure investigative and action Bollywood movie. The movie was based on the life of a writer who did two murders. The investigation by the great police offer made the movie to great success. The movie is a great family watch with suspense, drama, and thrill. The movie did not perform well at the box office but was supported and appreciated by the people.

6. Golmal Return

So if you are looking for a good bachelor movie with romance, comedy, drama, and action then this one could be the best choice. The movie was perfectly directed and did a great business based on the humor and action of the movie. The movie features the life of five single friends and their real life. The movie is highly relatable to young audiences across the world.

7. Commando 2

The movie did a great job at the box office. The movie was awarded with the several awards for its best direction. The movie was internationally recognized, and made it to the great success. The name of the movie itself reflects the army and the action. The movie is the good watch if you are a diehard fan of action movies.

8. Judwa 2

The movie is the second part of Judwa after the immense popularity of the movie, the movie featured some great and exciting actors. The movie is based on comedy, drama and action movie. So if you need some real entertainment and fun tonight then you should definitely select this movie. The movie did a great business at box office.

9. Raabta

The movie was released in the start of 2017 with the idea to entertain the viewers in terms of drama, comedy and action. The movie presented a great mixture of romance and action. The movie did a great business nationwide and worldwide. The movie is an amazing watch for the young audience and family.

10. Lucknow Central

The movie was released in the mid of 2017 with featuring the most talented, Farhan Akhtar. The movie was categorized as the good drama, thriller and action movie. Where the actor, Farhan belonged to a lower middle class family with big dreams. The movie is a good family watch and did a decent job at the box office. The movie made it to the top list of the super hit Bollywood movies.

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