If you are an action movie buff, then you have come to the right place. Almost every year, various action flicks are released. Though, there are some Bollywood action movies that certainly, stand out from the crowd. From the latest releases like Baaghi 2 to the all-time favorites like Force, there are all kinds of timeless action movies out there. For your convenience, we have handpicked the best Bollywood action films right here that no fan
should miss.

Part 1. Top Bollywood Action Films

Let’s have a look at some of the timeless and new Bollywood action films that you should watch right away.

1. Dhoom series

We are going to start with a bang. If you like bikes and have a thing for speed, then Dhoom series will be your favorite in no time. The latest Dhoom 3 was released in 2013. All the movies are based on a common theme. Our heroes have to chase a thief amidst all the drama and action. We recommend binge-watching all the three movies togeth

2. Krrish

Krrish is one of the most popular Indian superheroes of all time. While the first Krrish movie was released in 2006, the second installment came in 2013. It is the story of Krishna Mehra and how he got super-powers due to genetic modification. Both the movies are filled with action, featuring Krrish fighting the bad guys.

3. Race series

Both, Race and Race 2 are some of the top Bollywood action films that certainly pushed the envelope with their direction. The first movie was released in 2008 while Race 2 hit the silver screen in 2013. As the name suggests, both the movies were based on speed, gambling, and tons of action. The third installment of the Race series is expected to be
released in 2019.

4. Baaghi and Baaghi 2

Our Bollywood action film list will certainly be incomplete without these two epic films. Baaghi was released in 2016 and became a surprise hit. It is only in 2018, when the second installment of the movie was released. Both the movies starred Tiger Shroff in the lead role and featured tons of action.

5. Kaabil

Kaabil is unlike any other Bollywood action film that you could have seen in the past. It features a perfect blend of romance and action, making it an ideal choice for everyone. It is the story of a blind man and how he falls for another blind girl. Though, their life turns upside down after their marriage. As the story unfolds, our lead avenges the death of his wife by fighting her murderers.

6. Force and Force 2

Just like Baaghi, both the Force movies are also considered as the best Bollywood action movies. Both the movies starred John Abraham in the lead role. The second installment of Force was released in 2016. It was the story of a RAW agent who was on a mission to save the nation.

7. Shivaay

When it comes to the list of Bollywood action films, Ajay Devgn certainly deserves a special appearance. This 2016 action flick has been shot beautifully and features Ajay in an unexpected role. It is the story of a mountaineer who has to save his daughter from the kidnappers and defy law at the same time.

8. Baby

Baby is one of Akshay Kumar’s finest works so far. Released in 2015, it is the story of a special force agent who has to fight against the clock to stop a terrorist attack.

9. Ghajini

While Ghajini might not be among the new Bollywood action movies, it is certainly one of the best action flicks. Featuring Aamir Khan and Asin in career-defining roles, it is inspired from a South Indian movie of the same name. It is the story of an individual suffering from short-term memory loss and how he avenged the murder of his girlfriend against all odds.

10. Ek Tha Tiger & Tiger Zinda Hai

While “Ek Tha Tiger” was released in 2012, its sequel “Tiger Zinda Hai” was one of the highest grossing movies of 2017. Both the movies featured Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. The story revolved around the lives of special force agents and how they fought against all the odds for the welfare of their country.

Besides our list of Bollywood action films, there are plenty of other old and new action films in Bollywood that you can also watch. Some of them are Holiday, Bang Bang, Singham, Dishoom, Kick, and Wanted.

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