The Assamese film industry is one of the most established and an extremely noticeable film Industry in India. This industry released its first movie Joymoti in the year 1935. From that point, onwards Assamese films has built up a moderate paced, delicate style, particularly with the movies of Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Barua. After a couple of years of relative break, Assamese movie is experiencing a blast recently. Back to back releases have been beneficial both for the cinema industry and also for the fans. Here, let us take a look at 10 recent Assamese movies which have succeeded in striking a chord with the audience.

Part 1. Top 10 New Assamese Movies

1. Dooronir Nirola Poja

Set in the town of Tezpur, the film splendidly catches the battles and life of a middle-class family. What emerges in Dooronir Nirola Poja is the practical treatment given to it. Everything shown and each character demonstrated are practical to the point that for a minute you don’t feel that you are watching a fictional story of an imaginary family.

2. Sonar Baran Pakhi

This film is a biopic on the life of the astonishing Goalpariya folk artist of Assam, Pratima Barua Pandey by Bobby Sharma Baruah. The film tells us about the life of the artist in three stages. Sushmita Ray, Pranami Baruah and Arati Baruah played their role precisely. A graceful life merits a beautiful biopic and Sonar Baran Pakhi paints the ideal picture of Pratima Barua Pandey. This is the reason why the movie holds a profound impact on the viewers.

3. Beautiful Lives

This movie is based on serial blasts of Guwahati in the year 2008.The story is about Ajay & his mom Dashami and how their life changes after the serial blasts. The film inquiries regarding his sexual needs and its acceptance in the society while his mom battles to get the remuneration declared by the government. Kangkan Deka makes a challenging endeavor by making a film with such intense substance.

4. Bahniman

The tale of the film spins around three childhood friends, lost to their own destinies, just to re-emerge as furious opponents. Later they rejoin to battle for the cause for their city which is controlled by mafia boss Kanu Sharma. It’s about lost love and retribution. Biswajeet Bora penned the dialogues and the screenplay. This film will excite you with some stunning action scenes which is exceptionally uncommon in Assamese movies. ‘Bahniman’ contains three songs including a title track.

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5. Ruff and Tuff

The story revolves around a man and a woman of completely different characters. The man is a suspended cop having a harsh character and the woman who is a doctor is simple and polite. However they are entirely different from each other, circumstances bring them closer and they fall in love. However in their love journey, they face a great deal of issues and troubles and what all they do to overcome this situation is what this movie is all about.

6. Local Kung Fu 2

Local KungFu 2 is a comedy film based on Assamese Martial Arts. Produced by Durlov Baruah & directed by Kenny Basumatary. It is the continuation of 2013 film Local Kung Fu. The soundtrack of the film will have 5 to 6 songs by Utkarsh and Tony. It is a complete entertainment of 2 hours where you can laugh out loud as the movie is based on William Shakespeare ‘Comedy of Errors’.

7. Kothanodi

This movie is based on Assamese folk stories- Champawati, Tejimola, Tawoir Sadhu & Ou Kuwori by Lakshminath Bezbaroa. Director & screen writer of this film Bhaskar Hazarika offers a reasonable treatment of the characters, influencing these unearthly stories to be relatively conceivable.

8. Doordarshan Eti jantra

This is one of the most interesting movies on this list which you should see if you haven’t till now. The film tells us how television affects the lives people living in rural areas. The story takes you back to the 1980s when television was a status symbol for everyone. The movie is directed by Rajesh Bhuyan starring Jatin Bora, Prastuti Porasor and Utpal Das as lead roles.

9. Dikchow Bonot Palash

The film is based on human connection between an Assamese kid and a Naga young lady. He longs for settling down with her sooner rather than later but their love story turns out to be a doomed one as the boy being imprisoned for a long time. He comes out of jail an old man & sets out on an adventure back to the Naga slopes looking for his lost love. Actors from both Assam and Nagaland make this romantic love story a must watch.

10. Antareen

Dr. Rita Chowdhury wrote a novel “Torali” which is this movie is based on. Torali came to this world because of politician father’s unlawful wish. She got detained in a mental asylume while trying to uncover her dad’s crime. There she met Samiran who helped her to battle against male dominated society.

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