You might already know that Arabic is one of the most popular languages in the world that is spoken in so many countries. Though it doesn’t matter what kind of dialect you prefer, chances are that you might like to watch different Arabic movies online. To help you watch your next Arabic movie like a boss, I have come up with this guide. Besides listing some of the best Arabic movies, I will also let you know how to watch and download them for free on your Android. Without much ado, let’s got to know how to watch your next Arabic film!

A Go-to Android App to Watch Arabic Movies

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new Arabic film or movies with Arabic subtitles, you will find it all on Snaptube. It is a freely available Android app that has brought several video sharing and entertainment platforms under one roof. Therefore, instead of switching between different apps, you can use Snaptube and watch your favorite Arabic movies online.
snap tube for android

  • Snaptube is a 100% freely available Android app that does not need root access or put any restriction on the streaming/downloading limit.
  • You can find all kinds of old and new Arabic movies from different genres on Snaptube.
  • Apart from watching free Arabic movies, you can also download them on your Android device in different formats.
  • You can look for Arabic movies on YouTube, Dailymotion, and several other platforms that are all integrated into Snaptube.
  • There are several other advanced options in Snaptube, like dark mode, picture-in-picture mode, HD video downloading, and more.

Some of the Best Arabic Movies to Watch

Since the history of Arabic films is so diverse, one can find all kinds of movies in the language. Though, I have come up with a list of some of the best classic and new Arabic movies that you might like to watch.

  • Omar
  • The Worthy
  • Theeb
  • The Blue Elephant
  • Where do we go now?
  • Asmaa
  • Paradise Now
  • Excuse My French
  • Chaos
  • The Kit Kat
  • Al Haram
  • Sorry for the disturbance

How to Watch or Download Arabic Movies for Free?

You can download any Arabic movie on your Android without paying anything using Snaptube. For this, you just need to make a small tweak on your device to install Snaptube. Later, you can use it to look for the best Arabic movies and download the videos you like on your phone.


Since Snaptube lets us download videos from YouTube, Google hasn’t allowed it on the Play Store yet. Therefore, before you proceed, make sure you can download apps from unknown sources by visiting your phone’s security settings. As Snaptube is verified by several security agencies like McAfee and CM Security, you don’t have to worry a bit while installing it.

Step 1: Install Snaptube on your Android

After meeting the basic prerequisites, just launch a web browser on your Android, and visit the official website of Snaptube. Now, download its latest APK and let your browser install Snaptube on your device.

Step 2: Search for any Arabic movie

Whenever you wish to watch or download any Arabi movie, just launch Snaptube, and enter the keywords of your choice in the search bar. You can also copy the video URL from any other source and directly enter it here.

Alternatively, you can also browse the list of the available platforms on Snaptube’s home. To add any other platform of your choice, just go to its more options, and tap on the add icon.

Step 3: Watch and Download Arabic Movies Online

After getting the relevant results, you can just tap on the video thumbnail and it will be loaded on Snaptube. You can just watch this Arabic movie on Snaptube for free.

If you wish to save the Arabic film on your phone, then tap on the download icon (it will be activated at the bottom of the screen). You would have to select a preferred video format and resolution (size) to start the downloading of the Arabic movie.

That’s it! Once the downloading is over, you can access the movie from Snaptube’s Library or your phone’s Video app. In this way, you can easily watch or download as many Arabic movies online as you want. Using Snaptube, you can look for movies with Arabic subtitles and download free Arabic movies of any genre in a hassle-free way!

updated by Chief Editor on 5月 06, 2020