Aamir Khan is one of the most celebrated and renowned Bollywood actors of recent times. Besides being an award-winning actor, he has also proved his mettle as a producer, director, and a talk show host. Known as the “Mr. Perfectionist” of the Indian movie industry, he is known for his dedication and commitment towards his work. If you are also a fan of King Khan, then you have come to the right place. We have handpicked the ten all-time favorite Aamir Khan movies that you should not miss.

Part 1. 10 Aamir Khan Best Movies

Aamir Khan started his career in Bollywood as a child actor in 1973 and has come a long way now. Here are the top 10 movies of his entire career.

1. 3 Idiots

Breaking stereotypes related to education in India, the movie was released in 2009 and is still adored by his fans. It is the story of 3 friends who go through different adversities in life to discover their priorities. Even though the subject of the movie is pretty sensitive, it is being depicted in a comic sense to reach right to your heart.

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2. Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth)

The movie is based on the story of an 8-yo dyslexic child, who is being abandoned by his own parents. Aamir Khan, who portrays the character of his art teacher, would be taking him on an unforgettable journey that would change their lives forever.

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3. Rang De Basanti

Even though it has been a decade now since the movie was released, it is still considered as one of the best works of Aamir Khan. Six young Indians film a documentary about the Indian freedom movement, which changes their perception towards patriotism forever.

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4. PK

Do you believe in God? If your answer is “yes”, then this is a must-watch movie for you. An alien gets lost in the middle of nowhere and realized that only God can help him return home. Follow him on his quest for God as he asks some soul-stirring questions to people in a hilarious way. Listen to PK songs >>

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5. Dangal

This biopic is based on the life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat (former Indian wrestler) and how he trained his daughters to become professional wrestlers. Follow their inspiring journey as the family goes through different struggles to fulfill their dreams.

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6. Lagaan

Released way back in 2001, the movie changed the course of Aamir Khan’s entire career. An Oscar-nominated film, it is set in the Victorian Indian era when the game of cricket was introduced in the Indian subcontinent and a bet was placed that made history in the country.

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7. Secret Superstar

It is the story of 14-yo Indian girl who wants to become a professional singer, but can’t reveal her identity. Aamir Khan portrays the character of a music producer who helps her take an amazing journey that changes everything in her life.

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8. Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai follows the story of three best friends who go through ups and down in their lives while discovering new things. Watch them falling in and out of love and overcoming various setbacks in this heartwarming flick.

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9. Ghajini

The movie has been inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Memento. It is the story of a short-term memory loss patient who would take life-threatening risks while solving the murder of his girlfriend.

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10. Dhoom 3

The third installment of the Dhoom series features Aamir Khan as a notorious villain. Watch this action-packed movie as an internationally renowned robber would be chased by Indian police. Needless to say, the movie is a complete entertainer and will keep you hooked for sure.

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Part 2. Top 5 Aamir Khan Songs

Besides giving some mega-hits, Aamir Khan has also been featured in various timeless tracks. Since music forms an evident part of any Bollywood movie, Aamir Khan films are no such exception. The following are some of his popular songs.

1.  All Izz Well

A happy-go-lucky song, it will certainly bring a smile on your face. The song became an anthem at the time of its release, with its lyrics literally translating to – “when life goes out of control, you console your heart and say, all is well”. The song is an original soundtrack from 3 Idiots and went perfectly well with the theme of the movie.

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2. Rang De Basanti

The title track of the movie Rang De Basanti, it is sure to boost you with patriotism. It has a piece of upbeat Punjabi-style music that is sure to lift your mood and make you dance like no one’s watching.

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3. Love is a waste of time

Sung by Sony Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal for the movie PK, it was featured right in the middle of the movie as PK realizes that love is certainly a waste of time and he should focus on getting his way back home.

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4. Haanikaarak Bapu

Haanikaarak Bapu literally translates to “Dangerous dad” and was featured in Dangal when Mahavir Singh Phogat was training his daughters against their will. If your dad has become a “haanikaarak bapu”, then this is just the right song for you!

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5. Bum Bum Bole

An original soundtrack from the movie Taare Zameen Par, Bum Bum Bole is one of those happy songs that would never go out of trends. It features Aamir Khan, dressed up as a clown while cheering his students to have more fun.

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