What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram? Multiple people stuffing your Facebook feed with their feelings or beautiful pictures on Instagram? Back in 2012, Facebook bought a not-so-famous picture app, which offered numerous editing options to users. Little did Facebook know that this app would take over the world of social media. According to Statista, Instagram had reached 800 million users in 2017. With an increasing number of users, Instagram is becoming the clear winner and more and more users have started preferring Instagram over Facebook. Read our comparison on Instagram vs Facebook.

Part 1. Different Between Facebook and Instagram

1. User-Friendly

Instagram or Facebook? While Facebook has been around for a long time, Instagram is still more user-friendly. It is super-easy to use on mobile devices. From the interface to look and feel, everything of the app seems to diminish other flaws. You can use the app on your iPad, follow desired influencers, view top posts from the search menu, and utilize its amazing filters when clicking or uploading pictures to the app.

what is the difference between instagram and facebook

2. E-Commerce Integration

How is Instagram different from Facebook? We are all aware that both Facebook and Instagram are free for users. However, the e-commerce integration is how these social networking sites earn revenues. When scrolling through both Instagram and Facebook, you may find random ads, especially relating to your recent searches. Although Facebook and Instagram have a similar ad scenario, Instagram is far better.

If you open Facebook on your laptop or via browser, these ads will hover your screen. But, somehow, ads are reduced and useful on Instagram. You may find valuable products or services on Instagram that you may actually want to use.

what is the difference between facebook and instagram

3. Business Growth

Facebook or Instagram for business? Instagram is a source of business growth for many people. From small to big, a lot of people started their small scale business through Instagram profiles and today, they have a huge clientele. Why this can’t be done on Facebook? It is because Facebook allows pages for businesses, which may or may not attract as much audience as possible. In fact, Facebook doesn’t have a similar reputation to Instagram when it is about buying things.

On Instagram, you can check out the products, check user comments, and directly view images of the products. On Facebook, all these get muddled to a great extent and the clarity and user-friendliness are reduced.

instagram or facebook

4. A Platform for Influencers

Is Instagram better than Facebook? Influencer marketing is now a ladder for many businesses to grow. Without Instagram, all these influencers will have practically no platform. Yes, many influencers do post on Facebook too, but Instagram is the place for influencers. From food bloggers to fashion influencers, everyone uses Instagram for interacting with their audience. These people have gained numerous followers over the years and they give their honest review to people about products and new brands.

Facebook is just not cut out for this type of marketing, because freely following people without sending friend requests is not possible on Facebook.

difference between facebook and instagram

Part 2. Facebook and Instagram Video Downloader

Snaptube is an application that allows download of videos and photographs from Instagram and Facebook. The app does not mandate users to sign-up or register for using the full features. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment at no additional costs.
snap tube for android
Here are some features of Snaptube:

  • Snaptube has integrated numerous platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can download pictures and videos from these platforms to your Android devices.
  • The app features picture-in-picture mode, which lets users traverse to other apps and Snaptube will be visible in a smaller size at the bottom of the screen.
  • Snaptube does not require users to sign-up and there are no hidden charges.
  • The app is security verified by CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security.
  • Users can understand the application without facing any difficulty.

Who knew using Instagram would become so easy? Facebook has been a part of the internet for a very long time now and it has its own place. However, Instagram is providing a hassle-free experience to users. From individual bloggers to corporate businesses, everyone is now focusing more on Instagram profiles to reach out to a specified audience. The only issue that Instagram posed in front of users was not being able to download photos and videos, which is also resolved by Snaptube. Hence, download Snaptube today and enhance your Instagram experience.

updated by on Mar 10, 2020