One of the most common questions regarding Instagram these days is how to download its videos. This is because Instagram does not have any in-built feature by which you can download the videos easily.

Therefore, all you need is a good online video downloader for Instagram. It makes the process easy and also provides you with customized options. It may be a third-party application, but the majority of websites are safe to use nowadays.

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7 Best Instagram Online Video Download Sites 

There are many trustworthy sites that provide options for Insta video download online. You just need to check whether the features of the website match your requirements. You can have a look at the privacy policies of the concerned website if you’re worried.

However, we realize that you won’t have that much time to read through the privacy policies before using them. It will be very time-consuming, isn’t it? Thus, we have summarized the top seven websites that can help you download your Instagram video online:

1. SSSgram

It is a popular website that guarantees Instagram video download online free for every user. You don’t need to pay while downloading your video and photos as it is a completely free website. You just need to paste the video link of Instagram into the input box, and you can download the high-quality video with just one click. The downloading process is very smooth, and there are no pop-up ads and strange redirects on the SSSgram website.


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2. w3toys

It is a free website that can help you download Instagram videos easily. You will get simple tools for downloading the video, which will make the whole process easy. Try it now in order to get supreme quality videos downloaded from Instagram.


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3. instaSave

You can also download and save an Instagram video from the instaSave website. It is completely free and easy to use. The built-in features will also enable you to maintain a list of all the downloaded videos. It becomes easy to keep a record and access the videos easily.


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4. instaFinsta

As the name suggests, this website has a modernized look and can help you to download unlimited Instagram videos with links. It is safe to use and is guided by strict rules for the same. You can download reels, stories, and photos on InstaFinsta. 


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5. Snapinsta

It is a trustworthy video download website that is safe to use. There are numerous customizable features for downloading a video. You will get your desired resolution and features to choose from on this website. IGTV downloading feature is also provided. 


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You can use this website for Instagram reels and video download. It will effectively project a preview of the same before the download starts. There is no fear of malware or virus intrusion.


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It is another excellent Instagram video download site. You can check the list of options for your video downloading. You can also view an Instagram DP in its full size and get a clear picture of the same. Its downloading speed is very fast. 


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How Does Online Video Download from Instagram Work?

Downloading an Instagram video is quite simple nowadays. You just need to follow certain easy steps in a good Instagram story download website to get your video. Here are the essential steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: You need to copy the URL of an Instagram video that you wish to download. You will get the link on Instagram itself. It is very important to get the right URL of the video in order to download it.

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Step 2: Open a trustworthy Instagram story and reel download the website. You will get a search option where you need to paste the link that you had copied. The website will automatically show a preview of the video that you want to download.

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Step 3: You will get to see a blue button right next to the video, which says “Download.” Click on this button, and the download will start immediately. You can check the progress of the download in the “Downloads” option on Chrome.

Best Instagram Video Downloader For Android – Things To Know 

There are numerous options to choose from when you search for a decent Instagram video downloader. Snaptube is one such exceptional Instagram reels video downloader app.

If you use Snaptube, you can directly download the Instagram video by logging into your account inside the app. They will be saved automatically.

  • Snaptube is easy to use, and it also saves the videos in its own library. You can also save the Instagram videos directly in your gallery.
  • Complete free to use. There is no limit to downloading videos on Snaptube.
  • Videos downloaded will be of original quality. There will be no resolution loss.
  • You can download any type of video on Instagram with Snaptube- videos, reels, stories, etc.
  • There is no need to copy and paste any links.
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Related FAQs

Are the online websites safe to use?

Yes, definitely. You can check the privacy policies of each website to know the details. Choose the right websites which are safe to use. 

Can I download Instagram videos with Snaptube?

Yes, indeed. Snaptube is a universal website for Instagram lovers. You can download reels, videos, photos, and iGTVs with Snaptube. Other than Instagram, this application also supports other social media platforms such as TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, and 50+ others.

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 11, 2022