While scrolling through your Instagram feed, a video grabs your attention, and you think, “I need this on my phone.” But, how do you convert Instagram to MP4? Instagram app only lets you take a screenshot, send the video to a friend, or share it. You may have tried various platforms and ways to download Instagram videos in MP4 format, but it is just not possible. Well, we have a solution.

Part 1. Snaptube: Instagram MP4 Downloader and Converter

Snaptube is an Instagram MP4 download app, which has integrated various platforms together. Using the app, you can simply sign in to your Instagram account and start downloading Instagram videos to MP4 format without any hassle. You won’t have to pay any charges for using the application as it is freely available across all latest Android versions.
snap tube for android
Don’t worry, the app won’t harm your Android device in any way since it is security verified by CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security. Further, Snaptube’s picture-in-picture mode lets users switch from one application to another with ease. And just in case you want to use other platforms, Snaptube has integrated various platforms at one place for hassle-free access.

Part 2. How to Download MP4 from Instagram on Android Devices

Since Snaptube is easy-to-access, users rarely face any issues in downloading MP4 Instagram videos. Here’s how you can install Snaptube and download MP4 videos from Instagram. Learn how to download Instagram photos >>

Step 1: Installing Snaptube on Your Phone

First install Snaptube app on your Android device. Visit the official website from your Android device, and from the homepage, download the APK of Snaptube application.

Once the Instagram MP4 video downloader is downloaded on your device, open the app to install it. After installing, launch the app and you can start using it immediately. Snaptube app doesn’t require users to sign-in or register for accessing the full features.

instagram mp4

Note: If you are unable to download the Snaptube application on your Android device, there is a possibility that third-party application is not enabled on your device. For this, go to Setting> Security & Privacy> Install unknown apps and enable download. Now, try downloading the application again.

Step 2: Searching for Videos on Instagram

On the homepage of Snaptube, you will find the Instagram icon. Tap it to download Instagram MP4 videos. If you are unable to find Instagram, then click on three dots above More and add Instagram from the list in seconds.

instagram mp4 download

You can additionally utilize other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Snaptube has integrated numerous platforms together for providing unhindered entertainment to its users.

After opening Instagram on Snaptube, you just need to key in your credentials for accessing your Instagram profile. Here, you will also get two options to either sign-in to Instagram from the webpage (Instagram.com) or use the app installed on your phone. The app doesn’t misuse your credentials, hence, you can safely download videos without compromising your account details or harming your device.

instagram mp4 converter

Step 3: Instagram Video to MP4

The Instagram interface will show up on your screen. Now, what? Start using Instagram as normal. Whenever you want to download any video, click on the three dots on the right side of the username. Copy link and Snaptube will immediately give you download option in form of yellow downward arrow at the bottom of your screen.

convert instagram video to mp4

Tap the arrow and click on download. You will notice that the video extension is already MP4, so you don’t have to do an Instagram to MP4 conversion.  For changing the file location, tap on change, and choose the desired location. By default, videos are saved in downloads folder or in videos folder found in downloaded files of your phone.

instagram video to mp4

Note: If you do not see the download arrow after copying the link, just visit Snaptube homepage and paste the link. The video will show up and you will get an option to download it.

Isn’t it amazing how you can download Instagram videos using the Snaptube application? You don’t have to switch between applications, convert Instagram videos to MP4 format separately, or paste URLs from one app to another. All you have to do is install Snaptube on your Android device and start viewing Instagram videos offline. The application has a fast loader, which saves you from experiencing any type of delay while buffering the videos. So, what are you waiting for? Download Snaptube now and experience unlimited entertainment.

updated by on Mar 10, 2020