Instagram is gaining massive popularity worldwide. There are many creatively made high-definition videos and interesting photo filters. I believe you must have spent a lot of happy entertainment time on Instagram too. But when we come across a video we like very much and want to save for repeated viewing, the only hassle we have to face is downloading restrictions. In this article, we will let you know how it is possible to download Instagram videos by link.

How to download Instagram videos by link?

If you found an interesting video on Instagram and want to save it on your smartphone, it requires an Instagram copy link downloader and the SSSgram tool is currently the perfect option for you.

SSSgram, as the name suggested, is a completely free online downloader for Instagram that allows you to save videos, photos, reels, stories and profiles from Instagram. You just need to find the target video and then you perform Instagram link download safely and without limitations.

 use sssgram to download Instagram videos by link

Check out the easy steps to download Instagram video by link using SSSgram:

  1. Copy the Instagram video link: Once you come across a video that you want to save to the phone on Instagram, click the Three-Dot on the right side and then select the copy link option.
Copy the Instagram video link
  1. Paste it into the SSSgram site: Visit the SSSgram site on any of your device with a network connection, and paste the video link into its search bar.
  2. Click the Download button: Simply click the blue download button and soon you will get the video downloaded on your phone! 
Click the Download button in sssgram

How to directly download Instagram videos without Copy Link

While SSSgram is one of the most convenient Instagram copy link downloader tools, here is a better way that allows you to download multiple Instagram videos and photos at the same time without links. That is to use Snaptube. It is a completely free and safe application and you won’t encounter any hidden charges. 

The interface of Snaptube resembles a typical browser but its features are specifically customized to use for multimedia purposes. Without letting anybody know, you can download their images and videos easily.

Use Snaptube to download Instagram videos without Copy Link

Below are some significant features of this app you must know:

  • You can download videos and pictures from Instagram directly through the Snaptube app.
  • One-click download without the need to paste and copy the video link on Instagram.
  • You can download multiple videos at one time, saving time and effort.
  • There is no download limit, and using Snaptube is completely free.
  • Almost every social media platform is assessable through this mobile application.

Easy steps to do Instagram videos download 

After knowing some wonderful features of the Snaptube application, you must be curious about its works. Here are some Instagram video link download steps one must follow carefully:

Step 1. Download and Install Snaptube App

You can download the Snaptube apk. file by clicking the download button. 

When you try to install it, the device may warn regarding the installation of third-party applications. Allow Snaptube to install in the device and open the app once finished.

allow your phone to install application from unknown resourses

Step 2. Tap the Instagram app icon

Open the Snaptube app and tap the Instagram app icon at the top of its homepage. Because it is your first time to use Snaptube, you will be asked to log in to your Instagram account first. Don’t worry, this is the official login interface present by Instagram.

Of course, Snaptube also allows you to download video from instagram link. You can also enter the copied link in the input box, which will open the target video directly, but again, you need to be logged in to complete the download.

 Tap the Instagram app icon in Snaptube

Step 3. Directly save videos to your phone

If you are opening Instagram in the Snaptube app, there is no need to do an Instagram copy link video download, because you can freely browser Instagram in Snaptube and download anything at any time you want (you can always find a download button on the interface).

Tap on the Download button the videos and photos will be saved on your phone in no time. 

 Directly save Instagram videos to your phone


This is the complete process to download video from the Instagram link. Instagram is a very entertaining mobile application but the restriction on saving its content is awful. Both SSSgram and Snaptube appear as innovative technology for every Instagram user. They are very convenient to use and free for Instagram link to video download.

FAQs You May Want to Know

How do you share a link on Instagram mobile?

When you come across any Instagram post you want to share with friends, you can tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner of videos or in the top right of posts, and then select the “Copy Link” option. 

Why I don’t have the link button on Instagram?

Copying the URL is a very simple task, but you can only copy links to photos and videos that have been shared publicly. If the user has disabled the sharing feature for Instagram posts, you won’t see the option to copy link. 

How do you copy your Instagram profile link?

If you are using a computer, you can log in to Instagram and open your personal Instagram profile. At this time, the link in the browser address bar at the top of the page is your homepage link. But if you can’t access a computer, just add your username after Instagram’s website address, and this link will link to your profile.

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 09, 2022