While Instagram still does not have any option to download photos, it does not stop users from saving any Instagram photo that they come across. The easiest way to save photos that many Instagram users use is by taking screenshots of the photos. However, you cannot download Instagram photos full size in high resolution with screenshots.

If you are wondering how to download HD Instagram photos, you will need an Instagram image downloader. You can download the photos in the original resolution and view them in full details. Not just photos, you can also download full HD videos. We will illustrate how to download Instagram photos in high resolution in simple steps.

How to download Instagram photos in full size?

You will need an Instagram image downloader app if you want to download Instagram photos in 720p and 1080p HD. There are many such apps you will come across on Play Store but most of them need you to purchase a premium plan for Instagram HD image download. 

However, after reading this post, you won’t need to spend a buck to download HD and full HD Instagram photos. Snaptube is a 100% free app through which you can go for Instagram photo download full HD. The app is very easy and completely safe to use. Here are the steps for Instagram image download high quality using the Snaptube app.

download snaptube

Step 1: Set up Snaptube App

Click on the red button to download Snaptube APK. Then go to Settings > Security and turn on Install Apps from the Unknown Sources option. Thereafter, tap on the downloaded APK file and give the necessary permission to install the app successfully on your Android device.

download snaptube apk

Step 2: Locate Instagram Photos

You can open the Snaptube app and tap on the Instagram app. Go to your Instagram account and locate the photo that you want to download.

tap on instagram and find the photo

Step 3: Download Instagram Photos in its Original Quality

Tap on the Download icon below the photo and wait a few seconds for the Instagram photo download HD quality on your device. You can view the downloaded photo directly from the Snaptube library.

instagram image download high quality

Now, you know how to download Instagram photos in 4K or original quality using Snaptube. It is by far the best app to do it., thus you should definitely give it a try!

Advantages of using Snaptube app for Instagram pic HD download

There are distinct advantages of using the Snaptube app over any other app as well as using screenshots to get Instagram photos. Here are the reasons to use Snaptube for Instagram photo HD download.

Original Picture Quality 

You can download Instagram photos in HD and full HD resolution. In fact, you can download Instagram photos in their original picture quality that you do not get with taking a screenshot. In fact, if Instagram supports it, you can go for Instagram photo download 4k.

Download Multiple Photos at Once

Instead of downloading Instagram photos one by one, you can download multiple Instagram photos at once thanks to the batch downloading feature. This saves time so you can continue with your work while the app downloads multiple photos in the background.

Unlimited HD Photos and Videos Download 

In addition to image downloads, Snaptube also supports downloading reels and stories from Instagram. There is no limit to the number or length of videos you can save from Instagram.

Why not screenshot to get Instagram HD photo download? 

It is true that if you screenshot a photo on Instagram, you can save it easily on your phone. Apparently, it may seem to be the easiest way for Instagram HD photo download, but actually it is not. This is because when you screenshot an Instagram photo, the image quality is greatly reduced. 

This means even if you have uploaded an Instagram photo in HD quality, but then you take a screenshot of the same photo from the Instagram app, the photo will be saved on your phone gallery with lower than HD resolution. When you magnify the photo, it will get hazy and grainy. That is why taking the screenshot is not the solution if you want an Instagram photo download 1080p (Full HD) or 720p(HD).

taking screenshot of instagram photo


Does Instagram reduce photo quality?

Yes, Instagram reduces photo quality when you upload them on your profile. This is because it compresses the file size by reducing the photo quality so that there can be fast uploading and viewing.

Can you post 4K on Instagram?

Yes, you can post 4K on Instagram, but it compresses the resolution so that the resolution stays at full HD. Even if you post 4K on Instagram, you will watch the post in full HD resolution only.

What is the ratio of Instagram photos?

There are multiple ratios of Instagram photos you can upload. Instagram’s horizontal photo size ratio is 1.91:1, and the Instagram portrait photo size ratio is 4:5.

How to upload photos to Instagram without losing quality?

If your photos have quality beyond full HD, Instagram will automatically reduce the picture quality. That is why you should upload photos with a maximum resolution of full HD so that you can upload them without losing quality. Besides, you can go to Instagram settings and turn on the High quality uploads option.

updated by Chief Editor on 11月 23, 2022