There are highs and lows in everything. The same goes for Instagram. On the one hand, it gives us the feeling of exhilaration by providing engaging videos that we cannot stop to watch. 

And on the other hand, it disappoints us by not providing native tools to download those videos instantly and save them to our device. 

Knowing that most apps are either full of ads, costly, or a waste of time also fuels the fire. Sad! Right?  

However, today is a happy day for you! We are here to tell you how to download Instagram videos without app, and that too in original resolution. 

So, read the post till the end to learn how to download Instagram videos to the gallery without any app using different methods. 

Table of Content:

Method 1 – Use an Online Instagram Video Downloader 

Whenever you need to download any Instagram content like photos, videos, reels, stories, or profiles, getting the task done with an online tool is the most innovative approach. 

No, we are not talking about any online app! If you need to know how to download Instagram videos without login or app, visit

The SSSgram is an online platform that lets you download any Instagram content without logging in or subscription.

Let us tell you how you can save Instagram videos using SSSgram. 

best online Instagram video downloader sssgram

Step 1: Copy the URL Link of the Instagram Video 

Firstly, go to the Instagram video that you need to download. Next, run the video on full-screen. Click the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen to open the drop-down menu and press the “Copy link” option. 

Copy the URL link of the Instagram video

Step 2: Visit SSSgram and Paste the Link

Now open the official SSSgram website, paste the copied link in the search bar, and press enter to process the link. 

use sssgram to download Instagram reels without any app

Step 3: Click the Download Tab

Lastly, just tap on the blue “Download” button to download the video instantly. You can find the downloaded video in your gallery now. 

That’s it! This is how to download Instagram reels without any app in just a few minutes and without hassle. Great! Right? 

Method 2 – Download Instagram Videos by Inspecting the Source Code 

Now, if you ask me how can I download videos from Instagram without logging in, we bring you another easiest and fastest method, by using the File’s Source Code on a PC. 

Oh yes! You can download an Instagram video directly by inspecting the source code if you don’t wish to use third-party apps or online sites. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Open the Desired Video

Open the video that you want to save. Right-click on the video and click “Inspect element” from the menu. On your browser, it can alternatively be “View page source.”

Right-click on the video and click "Inspect element" from the menu

Step 2: Copy the URL 

Now, hit the CTRL+F keys to bring up the “Find” menu and type in “.mp4”. A portion of the code will appear on the screen. You must copy the link next to “src” from here.

copy the link next to "src"

Step 3: Open the Copied URL and Download the Video

Paste copied link into a new tab to play the video. Then, right-click once more and select “save video as.” Your video will be downloaded to your gallery.

Open the Copied URL and Download the Video

Method 3 – Use a Built-In Screen Recorder 

Here is another brilliant method that allows Instagram reels download without login. Not only reels, but you can also download Instagram videos and Stories with the help of this method: The Screen Recording Method.

In this method, all you have to do is use your device’s built-in screen recorder instead of using third-party apps. 

All phones along with Android 11 have a screen recorder by default. And some models like Samsung and Oneplus also have their own version of the screen recording feature. 

Step 1: Look for the Screen Recorder

On your phone, swipe the notifications bar and look for the “Screen Recording” option. It can be found on the notification menu’s first or second screen.

Look for the Screen Recorder

Step 2: Select the Screen Recording Option

Click on the screen recording option, launch the Instagram app on your device, and locate the video you wish to record. 

Step 3: Record and Save the Video

Press the record button and play the Instagram video simultaneously to begin recording. Stop the recording as soon as the video has finished. The video is now downloaded to your phone

Record and Save the Video

Best Instagram Downloader App – Snaptube 

No! We are not done yet! We still have a recommendation up our sleeves. If you are looking for the best possible app to download Instagram content such as videos, Reels, and Stories, the best place is the Snaptube App

Snaptube, as an efficient Instagram video downloader. It enables you to save Instagram videos in high-quality mode. The app is compatible with all new Android versions and is free for Android users.  

Most importantly, it does not require a copy-and-paste process as it is pretty simple to use. Simply download the app from the official website, access Instagram from the app, and begin downloading videos with ease.

This app allows users to download Instagram videos in HD and photos in high-resolution mode. It enables users to manage downloaded files within the app. 

Furthermore, it offers a high download speed so that users can save more content in less time. All-in-all, Snaptube is the one-stop solution for all your Instagram downloading requirements. Bravo! Right? 

best instagram videos downloader


At last, you know how to download Instagram videos without app. Let us sum it up for you.

SSSgram is perfect for you if you want an Instagram video downloader without a login. However, if you want to download IG videos without third-party sites or apps, use the source code or camera recording method. 

Still, if you are not satisfied, go for the Snaptube app. Without copying and pasting links, directly download Instagram videos from the app and enjoy. 

updated by Chief Editor on 8月 29, 2022