There are a lot of reasons why people might want to download private Instagram videos. In this article, we will discuss the ifs and buts of private Instagram video downloader tools. We also deeply test if they work as advertised to download private Instagram videos, photos, and stories. Keep reading to know more.

download private instagram videos

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Can You Download Private Instagram Videos?

You may be disappointed, but the truth is that you cannot download private Instagram stories and videos with any tools available on the market. 

When you try to view a private video on someone’s Instagram profile, you will see the following message: “This Account is Private. Follow to see their photos and videos.”

If you’re trying to download a private video from Instagram, you might come across websites such as “” or “”. But can they really do it? We took a simple test for you. 

Typically, to download private instagram stories and reels using the third-party sites we mentioned earlier, you may be asked to enter the username, or the URL of the specific private account, and it will “download the video” for you. The process may sound simple and only take a few seconds, but in reality, not once has it worked. 

Below are the steps involved in our testing.

  1. Google “private Instagram video downloader” and randomly select a few sites in the search results.
  2. Enter the URL of the private Instagram account as instructed. 
download videos from private instagram
  1. Click on the view/download button.
  2. Only got the wrong message. And there is no video available for downloading.  
got the wrong message

Here is the result from another Instagram private downloader website. We are redirected to the Instagram official website, but only the source code appeared, and it was almost difficult to discern useful information from it. Several other sites are similar. Worst of all, you may be forced to watch countless commercials, but get nowhere.

Instagram private downloader with source code

So, we advise against using any of these services, as they are most likely scams. Not only is it against Instagram’s terms of use to download someone else’s videos without their permission, but these sites also put your personal information at risk by asking you to enter it into their forms.

Moreover, these websites are not affiliated with Instagram, and using them is likely to result in your account being suspended or banned by Instagram.

How to Download Private Account Profile Photo?

You can directly download private account profile photo but that won’t be a full-size one. Thus, if you don’t follow the account, you won’t be able to download a full-size profile photo unless you use a 3rd party app for the same.

To download a private account’s profile photo on Instagram:

  1. Log into Instagram’s official website. 
  2. Go to the private account’s profile page where you want to download a photo from.
  3. Click on the profile pic and choose to save the image. 
  4. It will be immediately saved to your device but in 150×150 pixels. 
Save Instagram Profile Pictures

With these steps, you should be able to download any private account’s profile photo on Instagram. Remember that if someone has a private account, they have likely chosen to make their photos private for a reason – so be respectful of their privacy and do not share their photos without permission. 

If you want to view and download Instagram profile pictures in full size, you might try Instagram private account video downloader sites. Our editorial team has tried it themselves, and some sites do offer downloads, but the downloaded profile pic isn’t very high-res. They just zoomed in on a 150×150 pixel picture.

Therefore, out of respect for user privacy, we do not make any recommendations here. If you find a site that does work, please let us know in the comments. 

So, What is The Correct Way to Download Insta Private Videos?

The only feasible way to download IG videos privately is to follow the account first,  then use a trusted Instagram downloader like Snaptube to save reels, stories and photos.

We know that you might not want to follow a private Instagram account for a variety of reasons. So our advice is:

  1. Create a new Instagram account to follow it.
  2. Let your friends follow private accounts and download videos for you.

If you want to know how to use the free Snaptube app to download Instagram videos, just follow the simple steps: 

  1. Download and install Snaptube on the Android device.
  2. Tap the Instagram app icon from its main menu.
  3. Now, simply search for the private video that you want to download.
  4. Tap on the “Download” button next to the video and it will start downloading immediately.
download instagram

That’s it! Now you can watch private videos offline anytime, anywhere without having to worry about it being deleted or taken down.

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private?

To make your Instagram account private, open the app and go to your profile. Tap the three lines in the top right corner, then tap “Settings.” Under “Account,” tap “Private Account.” When your account is private, people who don’t follow you will be unable to see your photos or videos. If someone who doesn’t follow you sends you a message, it’ll go to your requests so you can decide whether or not you want to accept it.

If you change your mind and want to make your photos public again, just follow the same steps and select “Public Account.” Your followers will still be able to see everything you’ve shared, but anyone else will now be able to view your posts.

make your Instagram account private

Is Downloading Videos from Instagram illegal?

It depends on the circumstances. If you are downloading someone’s video without their permission, then it is likely illegal. However, if you are downloading a video that is publicly available and not using it in any form for your own work, then it is not illegal. There are many websites and software programs that allow you to download videos from Instagram, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. 

Your preferred choice is to use Snaptube as it allows you to download Instagram reels and stories without any restrictions. You can download it directly on the Snaptube app without copying and pasting the link.

How Do I Download an Entire Instagram Account?

To download an entire Instagram account, you’ll need to use a third-party service like Snaptube. When you open Instagram in the Snaptube app, go directly to the profile page, then hit the floating download button. It’s that simple!

Bottom Line!

While it is possible to download Instagram private videos, reels, and Instagram stories, doing so can be tricky. If you are determined to get your hands on a particular video, there are some methods you can try.

Moreover, private Instagram story downloaders all come with risks. So, before you take any action, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

updated by Chief Editor on 8月 18, 2022