Instagram does not provide the option to download videos directly from the application. On the other hand, although there are many Instagram video download options available on the internet. However, most of them are not reliable as the websites or applications may transfer viruses or malware on your phone. 

Therefore, it is very important to get hold of a safe application that can help you download Instagram videos easily. Snaptube is one such excellent application that enables users to download videos instantly and that too in high quality. 

How to Save Instagram Videos for Free 

Snaptube follows a very simple process of video downloading for Instagram. You can directly click the floating Download button on every post from Instagram and download videos easily. Moreover, you can just log in to your Instagram account inside the Snaptube app. It will help you download the videos directly from the app without copying and pasting any link.

The application also allows various other features linked with Instagram videos. For instance, the audio can also be extracted from the video in mp3 format.

snaptube insta video saver


Types Of Instagram Videos That You Can Download Using Snaptube

You can download any Instagram video of your choice on Snaptube. There are no criteria or type of video that you can access. You can download reels (both 15-sec and 30 sec), stories, and highlights. Also, you can directly download pictures from Instagram without screenshotting. 

Let us have a look at the simple steps that you can follow to save an Instagram video in Gallery.

Step 1: Get the Instagram Video Download App

Firstly, you need to download the Snaptube app. It is ready to use once the download is finished, as Snaptube does not require any login or registering for usage.

Check your settings to ensure that Snaptube has been given the required access and permissions.

Step 2: Open Instagram Site using the Built-in Browser

After successful installation, open the Snaptube app. On the homepage, you will see the Instagram icon. Tap on it and you will see the official Instagram login interface.

Log into your account to proceed. Don’t worry, Snaptube will not store any personal information. 

find the Instagram app on the main menu

Step 3: Save Reels & Stories to Your Phone

After you log in, you will be greeted with your entire Instagram feed. Scroll down and select the video you want to download. The app will automatically show a Download button on the screen. Tap on it and the video will be downloaded instantly.

download the Instagram videos

This Instagram video download app has its own library “My Files” where you can store and access videos from time to time. You can also locate the download videos on the Gallery app.

Why Choose Snaptube to Download Instagram Videos?

Snaptube is an excellent application that provides seamless Instagram HD video download in a short time. Here are some points to prove that Snaptube is your best choice:

  • It is a user-friendly application that will help you download Instagram videos easily.
  • You can log in to your Instagram inside the Snaptube app itself. It becomes easier to download the videos with a single click.
  • Once you download Snaptube, you are good to go. There is no need to log in or register on Snaptube.
  • It is a free application where you can perform Instagram video download to MP4 and MP3 for free.
  • Built-in library for viewing videos inside the Snaptube app itself.

FAQs In Terms of Instagram Video Downloading

Can Snaptube download Instagram videos in my gallery?

Snaptube saves an Instagram video in your phone Gallery automatically. It has its own library as well, where you can view the full list of downloaded Instagram videos.

Is Snaptube safe to use?

Snaptube is a completely safe app that can help you download videos from Instagram easily. It is an Insta video saver compatible with all devices. You can check the privacy policies for further confirmation.

How to download Instagram videos without app?

Yes, you can definitely download the videos online without using any app. You can use the SSSgram online website to download Instagram videos easily. There are many other sites that provide the same feature and we have come up the best list for you. 

What Else to Say

You can download Instagram videos using the Snaptube app effortlessly. It is a user-friendly platform that guarantees customer safety and follows all protocols. You can take any random Instagram video and download it. You can be assured of the results once you start using the Snaptube app.

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 12, 2022