Do you like a celebrity Instagram post but do not want to screenshot it because of the fear of poor resolutions? Or do you want to show the details of a picture without compromising on the quality of the image? Well, let me tell you, you are not the only one!

Now and then, we like something or someone on Instagram. Everyone is screen-shotting but the image quality is also reduced. So, you must be thinking about what could be the best way for Instagram post download. Let us dive into the blog and discover the best way to Instagram post download HD. Have a look!

Differences Between Instagram Story And Posts

Instagram posts and stories are two different features introduced by the app. The majority of the material on Instagram consists of posts made by users. The square-shaped photos and videos fill your followers’ newsfeeds.

Instagram photos and videos never go out of style. More people will see them over a prolonged period since they remain on your profile indefinitely (until you remove them).

Stories on Instagram are more ephemeral and lighthearted. Instagram Stories may only be seen for 15 seconds and are deleted 24 hours after they are uploaded. So it’s better to save some stories you like on your phone. You can also permanently highlight the greatest Instagram Stories on your profile.

Instagram Stories don’t appear in a user’s feed but at the very top of the app. Unlike traditional photos and videos, Instagram Stories are shown vertically.

Other items, including stickers and some facial filters, are prohibited in Instagram posts.

Instagram post download

How To Download Instagram Posts in High Quality 

You might have heard of Snaptube as a free music and video downloader app, but it is much more. Snaptube is an all-rounder tool with multiple platform compatibility. 

Not only the videos and posts here are free to download, but they are also secure and ad-free. You can access all the content using the Instagram post download apk

best Instagram post download apk Snaptube

Step-by-step Guide To Use Snaptube As an Instagram Post Saver

Looking at the steps, you might think it’s a long and tedious process, but it is the other way around. You must follow these simple steps for Insta private post download in just a few moments. 

1. Download the Snaptube app

The first thing you need to do is to get the Snaptube app. It is a quick and straightforward procedure. You can visit Snaptube’s official website and then choose the download button. In just a minute, your download will be complete.

Snaptube may be installed and used after the download is finished.

download instagram post with Snaptube

2. Open The In-app Instagram Browser 

Now, open the Snaptube application and click on the Instagram icon. This will lead to a separate tab opening the Instagram application. If you are not already logged into the application, fill out the information requested to proceed.

instagram post downloader app Snaptube

3. Go To The Saved Instagram Post

To proceed, go to the saved Instagram post or search for the profile to get the posts downloaded. If you have a fast internet connection, this will take a few minutes, and the relevant post will display.

instagram post saver Snaptube

4. Download Instagram Posts

A download button will appear below your Instagram post, click on that. Finalizing the download takes a few minutes if you follow the on-screen prompts. Snaptube will then ask you to choose the desired picture size and quality for optimal results. 

instagram post download hd in Snaptube

Why Consider Snaptube The Best Instagram Post Downloader? 

Snaptube offers some exceptional features that most other downloaders do not. This app is comprehensive and is compatible with multiple devices, which allows the Instagram post download in HD within no time. 

It has the following features exclusively for the platform: 

  1. The Snaptube application is free to use, even with its premium features. 
  2. There is no limit on the download post from Instagram. This means you can download Instagram posts, reels, and stories for unlimited time. 
  3. Snaptube is a secure platform with no malware and unnecessary redirections. 
  4. It is compatible with 50+ social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and more. 
  5. It is fast, secure, and free of any malware. 

How To Download Instagram Posts Online?

Do you want to download the Instagram post by link with no software downloading? Well, you are at the right place, try SSSGRAM

instagram post download by link with SSSgram

What is SSSGRAM? 

SSSGRAM is an Instagram post downloader online where you can easily download all the Instagram content without any software downloading. It makes it a fast and easy-to-use tool for all Instagram needs. 

From stories to posts, everything can be accessed within minutes using the platform—proving you have a stable Internet connection. This platform is secure, free-to-use, and compatible with multiple devices. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to get the post saved on your phone. 

Step 1: Go to the Instagram post and copy the link to the base using the few dots on the right side of the post. 

Step 2: Copy the link to the post and then again go to the SSSGRAM website. Now, using the search bar, paste the URL. 

Step 3: Your download will be ready within a few moments after tapping the search box. 

Step 4: Go to downloads or galleries for the perfect Instagram post download high quality. 

instagram post download high quality with SSSgram


Are you also inspired by the art or photography of a high-profile person on Instagram? Do you also wish to have their photos saved on your phone without losing the pixel quality? It could be an issue with other platforms, but the Snaptube app has resolved all the problems. 

With the Snaptube app, you can easily download and share your photos in HD quality. The app allows Instagram post download with no hassle and money. 

Do you want to know about something that is confusing you? Hit us up, and we would love to solve your query!

updated by Chief Editor on 8月 29, 2022