Currently, Instagram is one of the major platforms from where images and videos go viral worldwide. From celebrities to a common person, everyone can have their Instagram account to share live events in videos, images and text. Sometimes, you wish to save them to watch later offline or share with others. However, Instagram does not provide such kind of feather. Thus you need to find an alternative way. If someone asks, can you download Instagram photos or videos on your Smartphone, reply them with an innovative app called Snaptube.

Part 1. Can I Download Photos from Instagram? Get an App

Snaptube is an ultimate app for this purpose that is widely used by global internet users for saving videos. This app gives you options for saving the videos in different resolutions and file formats that can go up to 6K resolution.
snap tube for android

You can also access all other websites including Instagram, twitter, Facebook to save videos, audios and images in high resolution. For more personalised search, one can even type the URL of a particular site in search bar. Now the question is remaining that how do you download photos from Instagram with Snaptube. Read the below points.

Part 2. How Can I Download Instagram Photos? Follow these Steps

Snaptube app is specifically designed for Android mobile users because it is an open source operating system. You need to follow these simple steps to know the answer to the question of can I download my Instagram photo?

Step 1. Download Snaptube App

First, you need to get Snaptube on your Android device. Also, an approved Instagram account is essential for searching and saving photos. Tap on the Download button to download that will take only a few seconds because it is a lightweight app. Once saved, open it and start installing with just one touch. If your Android device is not authorised to install such kind of file formats, go to the settings and grant permission.

can i download photos from instagram

Step 2. Log in Instagram

After the completion of installation, open the app where you will see Instagram saved in bookmark icons. After signing in successfully, tap on the search icon that appear at second number from left. Here you will be able to see all photos posted by followers. When you tap any of the image a yellow icon will animate that indicate downloading sign.

how can i download instagram photos

Step 3. Save Instagram Photos

When you tap on it, the app resolves the URL and provide you its JPG file. Press download button below file name and it will save in your phone memory. Now make it your wallpaper, profile picture or forward to anyone else with any third party app.

how do you download photos from instagram

In this era of rapidly evolving technology, if someone ask as can you download your Instagram photos or videos for storing in phone memory, reply them with yes. Now it is possible with the help of Snaptube application that also allow you to download all Instagram videos in the same way.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022