I have been using Facebook for many years now. However, I have never been able to download videos from Facebook to MP4 format on my phone. There are many apps and platforms available online but none provides a great experience. What can I do? Is there any app that allows MP4 video download from Facebook?

Many Facebook users wish to download videos to MP4 format on their Android devices. But, most do not find a way. Either they have to settle with a screenshot or save the video on their Facebook videos list. This way they only have access to these videos online. However, we have found a way.

Part 1. A Hassle-Free Facebook to MP4 Converter

Snaptube is an application that aims to offer unhindered access to entertainment. Using the app, you can easily download Facebook MP4 videos to your Android devices.
snap tube for android

  • Snaptube has integrated various platforms in one app, which offers ease-of-access to users. You can download videos and photos from Facebook and also from other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • The loader of Snaptube is extremely efficient as it saves users a lot of buffer time and the videos load in seconds.
  • No requirement mandates users to register or sign-up first to use full features. In fact, the app is completely free of cost.

If you are worried about the data security, then Snaptube doesn’t misuse data in any manner. It is security verified by CM Security, Lookout Security, and McAfee.

Part 2. How to Download Facebook Video to MP4 Format

Since Snaptube is a user-friendly application, you won’t face any issues while utilizing its features. However, for detailed insights, we have explained how to convert Facebook video to MP4.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Device

Firstly, visit the official website of Snaptube from your Android device. Once the file is downloaded on your Android device, scroll down your notification bar and click on the file. Snaptube will launch on your phone and you can start using it immediately.

facebook video to mp4

Note: If you are facing troubles while downloading the app, then chances are that third-party app download is disabled on your phone. Most Android devices give you a pop-up informing the same at the time of download. But, if you don’t get the option, just visit the Settings of your phone and find Security & Privacy. Look for Install unknown apps and enable it to download Snaptube.

Step 2. Exploring Facebook Videos

On the homepage of the Facebook MP4 downloader, you will find Facebook icon. Tap on it and sign-in to your Facebook account. Don’t worry, Snaptube won’t misuse your credentials in any manner.

convert facebook video to mp4

If you are unable to find Facebook, click on More and look for the app. You can also add other platforms to your Snaptube homepage from here.

Step 3. Download FB to MP4

Downloading Facebook videos from Snaptube is extremely simple as you get a Download tab below the video itself. Just hit the tab and a download menu will appear. Select the type of file you want to download. For MP4, look for the options given under Video heading. Click the Download button once again. Your video will download in minutes.

fb to mp4

Snaptube makes it easy to download Facebook videos. You don’t have to switch between apps and copy-paste URLs. The FB video to MP4 downloader has many additional features, which enables you to access HD video and music content for free.

facebook to mp4 converter


updated by on 3月 10, 2020