Finding impressive statuses on the internet is not difficult, but putting them on your Facebook status is a tricky thing. Generally, most of the people copy other’s statuses to put on their profile. Have you ever thought from where they get the latest video statuses? Some downloading apps let the users save all kinds of videos from streaming sites in your phone memory. Finding a genuine Facebook status downloader without any guideline is very difficult, but now you are in the right place. This article will give you detailed information regarding Snaptube mobile application that has the potential to save all video files without requiring any subscription charge.

An FB Status Download App with Secure Access

If you want a feature-rich video downloading the app for free of cost, nothing is better than Snaptube. All latest versions of this app are released in two files, i.e. stable and beta. If you are a new user, a stable version of FB status app download is recommended because it is free from lagging, bugs and crash reports. All major features of snaptube are mentioned on its homepage, thus; you don’t need to waste time finding a useful link.
snap tube for android
Its search bar at the topmost position can be considered as a broad gateway to the online entertainment world. Enter the URL of a website or type the name of Facebook status that you want to download. It will show all the relevant results according to the user’s search criteria. Either play the video to watch or press the download button right below the playing screen. Not only for downloading purpose, but it also acts as a standard web browser where you can explore any website for reading, watching or listening.

Steps for Facebook Status Download Free of Cost

Using snaptube is very easy because its interface is identical to a typical web browser that you use in daily life. All you need is the list of some good websites where videos are available in bulk. Snaptube has simplified this by providing preloaded bookmarks of such websites on the home page. Read the following steps carefully to gain better knowledge.

  1. First of all download facebook status app from the official website or trusted suppliers like Aptoid and Uptodown. Once the Android package is installed, open it to explore the options of downloading. snaptube app
  2. Either type the web address of a Facebook status free download website or simply type the name of video that you want to watch. Here you can choose from different resolutions, i.e. .3gp, mp4, 1080p or video
  3. In the search result, find a relevant name and tap on it for watching. If the video is exactly what you want for Facebook status, press the download button initiates the process. Here you can choose from different resolutions, i.e. .3gp, mp4, 1080p or 6K. Even if you just want the audio file, choose .mp3 or m4a format. video downloader
  4. After selecting a specific format of facebook status images download or video download, the device will ask for the location where you want to save it. Specify the location and start the process of downloading. These statuses are of 30 seconds only, thus; it will take only a few seconds for the completion of a process.
  5. Now go to the downloads folder in your phone memory to play it offline or open the Facebook app and add it in your status section to show others.

A new user will never face any issue in using Snaptube after carefully following the steps mentioned above. This app of facebook status free download is an upgraded version of normal browsers.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 10, 2020