With over 1 billion users, Facebook features a daily view of more than 100 million hours of video. Chances are that you must have stumbled upon a video on Facebook too that you wanted to save. While Facebook doesn’t allow us to download videos, you can always take the assistance of a third-party app. If you also wish to download Facebook videos, then follow the simple instruction below.

Part 1. Get a FB video downloader
Part 2. How to download FB videos

Part 1. A must-have Android Facebook downloader

Snaptube provides a simple, fast, and extremely secure way to download Facebook videos. It features a wide range of video-sharing and social platforms in one place. Here are some of its amazing features.

  • Integrated every popular video-sharing and social platform, like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and so much more
  • Users can also look for a video of their choice by entering specific keywords
  • Add or remove any platform of your choice
  • Download the video in different resolutions and sizes, including high-definition videos
  • Apart from downloading videos and mp3 songs, you can also discover the trending content

snap tube for android

Part 2. How to download videos from Facebook

Now when you are familiar with all the amazing features of Snaptube, let’s proceed and learn how to download Facebook videos using this freely available app.

Step 1. Launch Facebook video download app

To start with, download and install Snaptube on your Android device. Launch the Snaptube app whenever you wish to download Facebook videos or simply browse the platform.

On the home page, you can view a shortcut for every popular platform (including Facebook). If you want, you can go to the “More” option to add or remove any other platform of your choice.

Step 2. Find the video you want to download

Once you have selected Facebook, you can simply look for a video by entering the relevant keywords or providing the URL of the video. The app will automatically display results depending on the provided keywords or link. Every video thumbnail will have a Download icon nearby. Just tap on it to download the Facebook video of your choice.

Step 3. Download video off Facebook

To view the video, just tap on it. From here as well, you can download the video. To do this, tap on the Download icon situated right below the video player.

The interface will give you an option to select the video resolution of your choice. Once you have selected a video resolution, it will automatically download the video on your device.

Wait for a while for the download process to be completed. In the end, you can access the downloaded video and play it as per your needs. Since the player supports HD videos, you can also download Facebook videos of high-quality as well.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022