If you are a Smartphone user, Facebook will be the primary app to download. It is a great platform to interact with known and stranger people, gain knowledge regarding the outer world and also a powerful tool for marketers to promote their product or service. Nowadays, people mostly use this app to watch entertaining viral videos. However, the main problem is the absence of downloading feature. You cannot download Facebook live video from its website or app. However, there is an easy way to make it possible that you are going to understand in the below article thoroughly.

Part 1. Download All Facebook Live Videos with Just One Touch

If you are an Android Smartphone user like most of the people, there is good news that downloading videos from any website has now become possible. It doesn’t require any kind of special subscription plan, you just need to download a simple app called Snaptube.
snap tube for android
The interface of Snaptube exactly looks like a typical web browser, but with some advanced custom features. It has a search bar where you can search any video by typing its name or pasting the URL of the website. Anyone can easily understand how to download a Facebook live video with Snaptube. Whether it is a social media site like Facebook or any music site like SoundCloud, you can download video, music and images freely in the highest possible resolution.

Part 2. Steps to Download Live Videos from Facebook with Snaptube

Now the question is, how can you download live Facebook videos in your Android device? In order to download the videos from Facebook, you need to install Facebook video downloader for android from its official website.

Step 1. App downloading process

Visit the site of Snaptube where latest versions of beta and stable series will be available. Tap on any option to start the downloading process. It is a small app that will download in just a few seconds.

how to download a facebook live video

Once the app is downloaded, the next step is its installation which is a very easy process. If you are installing .apk file for the first time, allow the installer to install third-party apps. Snaptube is completely safe to use without compromising your personal information.

Step 2. Functions to explore

Now open the app to explore its functions. In Snaptube, Facebook is accessible through two methods, i.e. enter the URL of the Facebook site or open it from bookmarks that are preloaded and customisable. Like a normal browser, a login page will appear where you need to enter your ID and passwords.

fb live video download
Once login successfully, explore the profile page or group where the live telecasting of the video is going on. Play it to get a link to download a Facebook live video that will appear below the playing clipping.

download a facebook live video

Step 3. Download a Facebook live video

Tap on it to see all resolutions from 144p to 6k. Select any of the available options to start downloading. When the downloading process finishes, you can watch the videos in offline mode.

can you download facebook live videos

Facebook is helping a lot of people to communicate, entertain and spread business worldwide. Now if someone asks, can you download a Facebook live video, you can answer them with this innovative app. Snaptube has added a new feature of downloading to make it handier than before. Anyone can follow these above mentioned simple steps to access the Facebook for downloading videos.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 10, 2020