While talking about cinema evolution in Islamic countries, Turkish web series always come on the top. Muslims all over the world love to watch Turkish movies and web series in their native languages. As the increasing trend of Turkish entertainment content in the Middle East, Turkish series in Arabic are becoming very popular. We can find their episodes on various online streaming websites in good resolutions.

However, downloading and watching them offline is the biggest issue. Online streaming websites don’t allow you to download any video. Sometimes, we don’t have adequate internet data but a lot of spare time for entertainment. In this situation, offline videos are the best options for timepass. In this article, we will tell you how to download Turkish drama in Arabic. It requires Snaptube app which is only compatible with Android smartphones. Snaptube has some interesting features that we will discuss later. First of all, we will explore some of the top trending Turkish series episodes in the list below.

snap tube for android

Top 10 list of Turkish series in Arabic

1. Kurtlar Vadisi

Follows a Turkish agent working under the assumed identity of Polat Alemdar attempting to infiltrate the Turkish mafia.

2. Ezel

Betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loved, Ömer Uçar returns as Ezel to exact his vengeance.

3. Magnificient century

From 1520, follows Suleiman the Magnificent and his relatives from his great conquests to the “Battle of Szigeth”.

4. Forbidden love

Having lost his wife eleven years ago, Adnan devoted all his attention to his daughter Nihal and his son Bülent.

5. Kuzey Güney

Kuzey and Güney are brothers, yet they cannot be more different, both in character and also in their perception, much like the names they are north and south.

6. Yaprak Dökümü

The travails of a tightly knit family that moves to Istanbul.

7. 20 Minutes

An innocent pastrycook Melek gets accused of injuring an important politician’s son. Her loving husband Ali wants to help his wife to escape from prison.

8. Karadayi

The Kara family’s life is turned upside down because of a wrongful accusation that results in the imprisonment of Nazif Kara for a murder he didn’t commit.

9. Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne

Fatmagul Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul’s Fault?) is a story based on novel. The series revolves around Fatmagul (Beren) and Kerim (Engin) who are the lead characters.

10. Aci Hayat

Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to stay one step ahead of poverty by working harder each day.

How to download Turkish series in Arabic

Step 1. Search and download the app

As we already mentioned, Snaptube is only supported by Android smartphones. Also, it is only available in apk file format. visit the official website of Snaptube or third-party platforms like Uptodown to find the latest version of this app. make sure that the source of downloading is free from any cybersecurity threat. We recommend downloading from the official website because it is 100% safe to surf and download. Snaptube is merely 12 MB software which will take a few seconds to download. Tap on the file, allow third-party app installation access.

Step 2. Exploring Turkish series in Arabic list

The app will be instantly installed on your smartphone. When you open it, the search bar will appear on the topmost area of the home screen. Here you can paste the URL of Turkish series on Arabic websites or simply enter the name of series. If you enter the keywords, the app will show the results available. There is also an option to bookmark the websites from where you watch Turkish TV series in the Arabic language.

Step 3. Downloading your desired video

While playing a video with Snaptube, all downloading link will appear right below the video playing screen. When you tap on it, the options of resolutions will appear. According to the availability of data, choose your desired resolution, and press download. Wait to finish the downloading process. Once done, you can save them in a personal library of phone memory to watch later offline.

In these 3 simple steps, anyone can manage to download Turkish TV series in the Arabic language for free. We recommend adding new websites in the bookmarks section to personalize your content.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022