Saba Qamar is known as the top Pakistani actress, her career is not only limited to the film industry but she has been widely recognized for her amazing acting in the Pakistani television drama. She was born in Hyderabad and raised in Gujranwala, she began her career with PTV Home Serial Main Aurat Hoon, which changed her life. During her career, she has produced some exceptional serials, from romantic to sad and laughter to love story. In order to help our viewers to see her top drama serials, we have listed down Saba Qamar dramas which you should definitely watch.

Part 1. Top 10 Dramas of Saba Qamar

1. Dastaan

The television serial was telecasted on Hum Television Network in 2010, which tops the drama list of Saba Qamar. The serial was based on the story of a girl with different affairs. The beautiful acting of Saba Qamar in the serial made it the super hit drama of the year and the serial is still remembered as the top serial of Saba Qamar. The engaging story and the beautiful title song made it to the first.

2. Baaghi

The serial telecasted Saba Qamar in the lead role and was released in 2017. Even though there were numerous serials which were telecasted in 2017 but Baaghi got to the top of the list. The story of the young girl (Saba Qamar), who left her parents and went into isolation, was the reason for the housewives to watch and appreciate.

3. Pani Jaisa Pyaar

The serial was one of Saba Qamar best dramas. It was based on the married life of Saba Qamar and the actor where she was not valued in her home. The drama was quite relatable to the Pakistani culture and most of the house wives were able to relate it which made the serial popular.

4. Digest Writer

The serial was another top hit of Hum Television Network which was released during 2014-2015. The serial was based on the story of a young poor girl living in a village and how her struggle and story writing made her the great writer of the country. The interesting story along with the enhancement made the drama to the fourth of the list.

5. Ullu Baraye Farokh Nahi

The serial was telecasted on Hum Television Network during 2013. The serial was a comedy-drama of Saba Qamar and Nouman Aijaz. The enrichment of Saba Qamar, along with Nouman Aijaz made the serial a block buster comedy serial. The name of the drama itself reflects the comedy and the thoughtful theme behind the idea.

6. Thakan

The serial was telecasted in the late 2012. The interesting and thoughtful theme of the serial was based on the story of Saba Qamar who was tired of the difficulties of the world and how at the end she died leaving all the worries and pain behind. The story made the viewers cry and which was the reason for its immense popularity.

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7. Besharam

The serial was telecasted in 2016. The serial got immense popularity for its interesting story in which Saba Qamar was an actress and got in love with a politician. The serial questioned the norms and stereotypes of Pakistani society which made it popular. Moreover, the title song of the serial was also widely appreciated across the country.

8. Bunty, I Love You

The serial was released in 2013-2014 and got wide popularity across the world. The serial was telecasted by Hum Television Network. The interesting story of Saba Qamar made the viewer’s attention all across the country. The interesting story made it to the good watch list of the viewers and the serial is still watched and enjoyed by the people within and outside of Pakistan.

9. Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain

If you haven’t watched the comedy serial, Hum Sab Umeed Se H ain then you should definitely watch it now. In the serial Saba Qamar acted as the host and invites different people to talk about the politics of Pakistan. The serial explicitly reflects the culture, traditions and norms of the country which made it popular. The serial is widely watched by the Pakistani living abroad as they get to know more about their motherland.

10. Kaise Tumse Kahoon

The serial was telecasted in 2014 and is still remembered for its sad love story. The major role of Saba Qamar made the serial popular as her acting as the wife went perfectly with the story. I would say that none of the actresses would have been able to replace Saba Qamar for the role. The story of the serial was based on the unspoken truth, as the name itself reflects unspoken words. The serial got wide popularity across the globe.

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