When it comes to Pakistani drama then they are explicitly based on lots of emotions, drama, and masala. Since inception, the industry has produced a remarkable number of dramas which are solely based on romanticism. The scriptwriters along with Faiza Iftikhar and Khalil have written a number of romantic dramas that were widely watched across the border. In order to assist you with the top romantic Pakistani dramas please have a look at the list.

Part 1. 10 Best Pakistani Romantic Dramas

1. Diyar-e-Dil

The serial was released by Hum Television Network, with a strong cast. The serial was directed by Momina Duraid production and Haseeb Hassan. Diyar-e-Dill is a story of a broken home where Abid Ali as Agha Jaan had caused the family to break away when he explicitly rejected his son’s wish to marry someone else.

2. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai

The story of the serial is based on the fierce love, hatred and money-driven character. The drama touched the conflicts and hypocrisies of society. The serial telecasted Maya Ali in the lead role and made it to the height of popularity. The role of Maya Ali added incredible value to the serial as her role as the maid made the people curious about the ending.

3. Nikah

The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and explicitly questioned the cultural and traditional boundaries of the Pakistani society. The questioning of the traditions and culture made the audience like and appreciate the serial and the serial was not only appreciated within the country but was explicitly appreciated in India and other south Asian countries.

4. Alvida

This serial is for the romantics out there! What do we want with a good couple with great chemistry? The serial is a great example of the romantic family drama with a short story of a couple with great chemistry. The serial was appreciated and widely watched by youngsters around the world as it portrayed an exemplary picture of a great and peaceful relationship.

5. Aik Thi Misaal

The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and portrayed a story of a child from a broken family. Misaal is abandoned by her mother and then is mistreated by her father as well. The serial gave a good message to all the parents in the world about how their mistreated treatment could lead to mass trouble for a child. The serial was widely appreciated by the people for its thought-provoking message.

6. Kaanch Ki Guriya

The serial was released by Geo television network with a strong cast and directorship. The analogy of the name is very deep and interesting as it reflects the women who face the hardships and is fragile enough to be shattered like a mirror. The great drama that stole the hearts and support throughout.

7. Mumkin

The serial was released by the ARY network under the supervision of its owner, Salman Iqbal. The serial is cast by strong writer, actors, and directors. The good content of the serial made it famous and being loved by the people across the world. This story has a soul like no other sentimental drama. The combination of romantic and sad aspect made the serial popular amongst the housewives and youngsters within the country.

8. Khuda Dekh Raha Hai

The serial was telecasted by Alpha Production. If you haven’t watched this romantic drama then you have really missed the real joy of the Pakistani Drama. The serial was telecasted in 2015 and from then it reached the height of popularity. The story of the serial was explicitly based on the story of a couple who belonged to a middle-class family and had to deal with the number of problems that also made the serial interesting.

9. Sangat

The romantic serial as released in 2015 by Hum television network. The serial telecasted Saba Qamar and Mekaail Zulfikar as the lead role. The romantic story made the viewers excited and curious. The directorship along with the well-written content made the serial popular and widely appreciated across the world. The chemistry of the couple in the drama made it further interesting.

10. Zid

This one is an uncelebrated drama. The serial advocates the use of rights and the right way to use them. The thoughtful message behind the serial made it popular. The serial as even marketed in the schools and colleges so that the students could know more about feminism and women’s rights within the country. The romantic-feminist drama was not equally celebrated by gain wide popularity for its thought-provoking message and the idea of justice given to the women across the world.

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