Mahira Khan is one of the most gorgeous and charming Pakistani actresses. She did some amazing and heat touching drama along with the movies. Interestingly, her all drama is the super hit and have been widely watched across the world. She has received wide recognition and managed to get the LUX award in 2017, as the best actress. It is interesting that during her career she only acted in six drama’s which are worth watching. Now let us help you identify Mahira Khan dramas which you should definitely watch.

Part 1. Watch Mahira Khan Movies and Dramas on Snaptube

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Part 2. Top Mahira Khan’s Pakistani Dramas

1. Humsafar

The drama was first telecasted in 2011-2012 with the lead role of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. This was her first drama on the television screen and was immensely appreciated all across the world. Her heart-breaking acting in the movie led the viewers cry. The story was based on a young girl (Mahira Khan) who was facing serious issues in her wedding life and due to which her husband left her but her innocent daughter made her husband came back. The serial is worth watching as it is considered as the blockbuster serial of Pakistani Drama Industry. Interestingly, the drama was released with no hope of getting to the heights, said the director. But the immense support of the viewers made us feel proud of our own produced, said the director.

2. Shehr-e-Zaat

The serial was telecasted in 2012 on the HUM Television Network. The serial got immense popularity within the country due to the heart-touching title song and beautiful story. The serial was later turned as the movie so that the once who have missed the amazing serial could watch the movie. The story of a married couple along with the norms and stereotypes of the country made the drama to be easily relatable with the larger audience and thus made it to the second number. Moreover, the amazing and heart-touching acting of Mahira made the viewers fall for her acting and expressions in the drama.

3. Sadqe Tumhre

This Mahira Khan serials was directed by Mr. Khalil in 2014-2015, it is said that the writer, Mr. Khalil wrote the story of the serial in four years and it was his own story which he wanted to share with the larger audience. The soft music along with the perfect acting made the serial to get international attention and the serial also won multiple awards in the LUX Star award 2016 and 2017. The drama reflected the culture of Pakistani society in the villages and rural areas. Therefore, the serial does not only fulfill the purpose of entertainment but also leave the message of how norms within the society could led to the mass destructions. The thoughtful theme behind the story was the reason for its popularity.

4. Neeyat

This is another hit among Mahira Khan Pakistani dramas. The role of Mahira along with Humayun Saeed made the drama more popular. Due to the huge following of both the lead actor and actress the serial was widely appreciated by the housewives. The serial was released in 2011 and from then it contributed to the overall popularity and fame of Mahira Khan. Her passion for the acting could be easily seen in the drama. The perfect story, pot, and song added to the overall recognition.

5. Bin Roye

When it comes to the top of Mahira Khan best dramas then we cannot miss this drama. Bin Roye as her top and foremost serial and movie which was released in 2016-2017. The serial telecasted both Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed in the lead role. The amazing and fascinating story made the movie to get the international attention and popularity. The immense popularity of the movie made the industry release that the series of drama with the same story would help reach the even larger audience. The story was based on a young girl who got into love with his older cousin and unfortunately, he loved someone else. Strive and struggle to get the love was the heart-breaking part of the movie. The serial crossed over million views on the YouTube channel. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should definitely watch it now!

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