Korean drama is a breed of Korean television dramas from South Korea with viewers and fans from everywhere across the globe. The popularity of Korean drama was partly fanned by the Korean Wave during the early 1990s, a trend that saw the popularization of South Korean culture across the globe. 

In today’s post, we will look at some of the most popular Asian drama sites for free to watch Korean drama online with English subtitles, followed by a few of the latest Korean dramas you can watch on those platforms.

Part 1: Watch Korean Drama Free Online on Snaptube

Since there are many different online sites available for streaming and watching Korean dramas, it is often a hassle, especially in cases where episodes are located on different websites. 

With Snaptube, you don’t have to worry about multitasking thing. This Android app gives you full control over your favorite streaming sites, allowing you to watch Korean episodes, TV shows, and movies from any site. 

 Watch Korean Drama Free Online on Snaptube

The app is small, light, and stable, which means it isn’t a memory hog. Besides, Snaptube is equipped with built-in search engines, which means that you can simply type in the title of the Kdrama and it will search for you immediately. No more hassle by typing in the sites before looking for the drama. 

Also, if you wanna save the Kdrama to your device to share it, simply tap on the Download button and choose the format and resolution of your preference. Only within a few seconds, it will start the downloading process. After it is done, you can watch it offline or share it with your friends. 

In conclusion, if you wanna watch Korean dramas online, just use Snaptube. This application is free and very practical. Install the APK and try it now!

Part 2: Top 10 Asian Kdrama Online Sites

1. KissAsian – Free

It is a free but not an official Kdrama site, which consists of both Asian dramas and movies. For drama, you can stream up to five countries’ dramas, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thailand. For movies, you can also stream the first four countries the same as dramas. It does not include Thai movies only.

KissAsian drama site

2. Viki – Free and Paid

Viki provides both free and premium features. To enjoy free Korean dramas, you only need to access them with an internet connection.

However, if you want to subscribe, you must log in using either Facebook, Google, or Rakuten account and get admitted to the Viki Pass membership.

Viki pass membership is divided into several different packages: 

  • The monthly package costs $0.99 (basic) and $4.99 (standard).
  • For the yearly package, the price offered is cheaper, which is 9.99 US dollars (basic) or 0.83 US dollars per month. And, for the Standard package, users are charged US$49.99, which is US$4.17 per month. 

BTW, Viki Pass also provides a trial period of 7 days. 

Viki free

3. Soap2day – Free

Not only Asian drama, but Soap2Day also offers a wide variety of movies, tv shows, and music from all around the world. It contains movies and/or dramas from more than 30 countries to stream. 

Even though it is completely free to use, it also allows you to register an account so that it is easier for you to access the historical watching data.



Unlike the previous Asian drama websites that provide various dramas from several countries, Newasiantv is only limited to Korean drama. However, you can watch any Korean drama with English subtitles for free with it.

newasiantv free kdrama site

5. MyAsianTV – Free

MyAsianTV also provides drama from several Asian countries, e.g. Korea, China, Thailand, to Hongkong. It is also available for free. However, just like Soap2day, you can also connect it with your Google account for easier application.


6. Netflix – Paid

If you want to watch Kdrama online on Netflix, you must subscribe first as it does not offer a free trial at all. Here are the monthly subscription packages it offers:

  • Basic with ads and only one number of screen: $6.99
  • Basic and only one number of screen: $9.99
  • Standard with two number of screen: $15.50
  • Premium with four number of screen: $19.99

7. iQiYI – Free & Paid

iQiyi is a specialized Asian drama website. Itself provides free access. However, if you want to access the complete continuation of the episodes, you will have to subscribe to VIP first:

  • Standard Monthly Subscription ( $8.99/Month): access to the entire iQiyi library,, VIP content downloads, 1080P HD Resolution, available for 2 Screens
  • Premium Monthly Subscription ($9.99/Month): access to everything in the Standard Monthly Subscription, as well as 4 total screens.
iqiyi app

8. Hulu – Paid

Similar to Netflix, Hulu can also be used to watch Korean dramas online and any other dramas or movies from all around the world. There is also no free trial and costs $7.99/month for the most basic packages with ads. If you wanna get rid of the ads, it will cost $14.99/month.


9. KBS World TV Channel – Free

This is one of the best free sources of the weekend and daily Korean dramas and miniseries. It does not have an exclusive website. You can access it directly on YouTube for free. 

KBS World TV Channel

10. YouTube – Free & Paid

Of course, the last one on the Asian drama websites list is YouTube. You can watch classic dramas and TV shows. However, some of them might not have the complete episode and you’ll have to move to another website to watch them.


Part 3. Top 5 New Korean Dramas Online with English Subtitles

1. Twenty Five, Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One is a Korean drama series with a high rating (8.8/10). The drama, starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, is set in 1998. Not only tells about the romance of the two main roles, but this drama also tells about the dynamic lives of three other characters that are very interesting to watch.

2. Business Proposal 

This drama is about romance in the office, adapted from a novel entitled “The Office Blind Date”. The drama, starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, and Seol In-ah, tells the story of an ordinary employee who gets involved on a blind date with the CEO of the company he works for.

3. Pachinko

The novel with the title “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee tells the story of a Korean family with a setting in 1910, which is at the beginning of the year when Korea was annexed by Japan until the end of the 20th century. The story in this novel is not only centered on one main character.

4. Our Blues

Our Blues is about a group of people who try to find their love and happiness on the coast of Jeju Island. Our Blues stars well-known actors and actresses in South Korea, such as Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min A, Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Jung Eun.

5. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a Kdrama that raises the issue of suicide, a case that is rife, especially in South Korea. It’s not just one story, it’s good that this drama picks up a different story every week, of course with a different suicidal ideation factor.

Where to watch Kdrama for free with English subtitles?

For easier access, you can use Snaptube. It has built-in search engines, thus, you can find any Korean drama from any website with English subtitles for free.

Where can I watch Chinese drama for free?

The answer is, of course, Snaptube. This Android application offers various dramas and movies from any genre and country. Simply type in the title of the Chinese drama you wanna watch and it will find them for you.


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