When it comes to Pakistani Drama then they are widely known for their great production. Amongst all the production houses in Pakistan, HUM television network secures the top position. The production house is managed by Momina Duraid and Sultana Siddique. Since its inception, the production house has produced some exceptional serials from comedy to sad and action to romanticism. Now let us experience and identify the top HUM TV dramas list.

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Part 2. Top 10 HUM TV Best Dramas

1. Sadqe Tumhare

The serial tops the HUM TV list. It was released in 2014-2015 and was beautifully written by Khalil Ul Rehman. The serial replicated the rural life of Pakistan incorporating the stereotypes, norms, and cultural boundaries. The serial telecasted the queen of the Pakistani drama industry, Mahira Khan. The very own story of Mr. Khalil added simplicity and value to the overall picture of the serial.

2. Mann Mayal

The serial was released in 2016 by Hum television network. The serial telecasted Maya Ali in the lead role. The story of the young girl who couldn’t get her love was the major theme of the drama. The serial also telecasted Hamza Ali Abbasi who is considered as the Hero of the industry with a remarkable fan following.

3. Alif Allah Aur Insaan

The serial is on-going on hum television Networks and has the strongest cast. The serial is based on the story of a transgender and prostitution. The major theme of the drama is to question the norms and preconceived beliefs of the country along with the curiosity and entertainment for the audience.

4. Dill-e-Muztar

The serial was telecasted in 2013 with the lead role of Ali Abbas. It takes the fourth position in the HUM TV latest dramas list. The serial was based on the story of a couple who were dealing with several problems due to the intervention of their neighbor. The home-based story was mainly appreciated by the housewives. The derail also left a good message of how a wife should take care of her house in order to resist any mishap.

5. Udaari

The serial was released in 2016. The major reason for the popularity was its theme of child abuse. There are quite fewer serials produced which reflect the true/negative culture of Pakistan. Therefore, the serial got wide attention and recognition for bringing out the alarming issue of child rape and child abuse in the country. The cast and directors were widely appreciated for their efforts in bringing up an important social issue.

6. Sammi

Sammi, is an on-going serial with a strong cast. The serial telecasted Urwa Hoccane in the central role which made the serial more emotional and sentimental. The actress, Urwa Hoccase is known best for her emotions and sentiments. Her exceptional acting as the wife made the serial popular across the country.

7. Durr-e-Shehwar

The serial as produced by Hum television network and cast Sanam Baloch in the lead role. The serial was released with an idea to showcase the terrible conditions of women in Pakistan along with the romanticism and sentiments of women. The serial was praised by the audience across the world and have got several awards as well.

8. Kankar

The serial was released in 2013 and cased Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa. The chemistry of Fahad and Sanam made the serial a super hit. The serial portrayed the story of a college girl who was forcibly married to the fiancé of her friend. The forceful marriage leads to several problems that were enjoyed by the audience. Mainly the serial replicated the Pakistani society and its consequence on the life of the couple.

9. Rehaai

The most popular serial Rahaai was produced in 2013. The serial reflected the hardships women had to make in the absence of her husband. The serial was also sponsored by Kashb Foundation to show the audience how several NGOs help women empowerment which actually helps them live a happy life. The serial had an amazing and heart-breaking title song which also contributed to its popularity.

10. Digest Writer

Last but not the least, Digest writer was released in 2015-2015 with the leading role of Saba Qamar. The serial implicated the story of a girl who was interested in writing love stories and how his stories changed her life. The example of Saba Qamar in the serial was a true example for the independent women in the world. There is a need for such serials in order to revolutionize the pre-conceived notions in the country and the wider world.

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