We may not always have a good internet connection. Whenever you get the opportunity to connect with a high-speed Wi-Fi, it is advisable to perform HD TV series download entirely and watch it offline. You must be wondering how it is possible because downloading is restricted by almost every website. Those who allow also send viruses and malware as complementary. If you want to safely download a video content online, it is advisable to go with the option of Snaptube app. Here we are going to elaborate on its compatibility and some significant features that you must know. After that, we will also explain a stepwise process to download HD series. Stay connected.

Free HD Series Download App for Android

Snaptube is basically a mobile application that is only compatible with android operating systems. It is only available in APK file format because of some compatibility conflicts with Google policy. If you search online, its official website and some trusted third-parts websites will appear from where you can download stable or beta versions. It is designed to download HD series free in a row including all episodes. Its security is verified by three different online cybersecurity programs including McCafe, lookout security and CM security. If you visit the official website, we recommend trying the beta version because it contains the maximum possible features.
snap tube for android
Check out some cool features of this app below:

  • This app allowed us to download a video in multiple file formats that can be high definition 4K or MP3. The inbuilt converter will automatically turn your video file into m4a or MP3.
  • Download TV serial in HD with all episodes putting in a row. Snaptube enables to download multiple videos seamlessly without any restriction.
  • If you want to watch a TV series online, this app will give you an ad-free experience. Generally, a lot of annoying ads appear after finishing every single video. Even while watching a large episode, you will have to watch a couple of advertisements in the middle. Snaptube eliminates all these interruptions for free.
  • If you sign in with your Google account, the app will provide you with a personalized experience to search and download HD series free. The app will identify your previous preference to bring all the suggestions on its homepage.
  • For your convenience, some websites compatible with downloading video content with Snaptube also bookmarked on the homepage.
  • It has easy sharing options to send a downloaded video on various social media platforms.
  • There is also a night mode with a dark theme compatible with watching videos at night without facing eye stress.

HD TV Series Free Download Steps

Step 1. Install HD TV  Series Mobile Download App

Search Snaptube APK file browser to find all available options for downloading the app. Its official website will appear on the top where you can find the latest versions in both stable and beta. Choose any one according to your convenience and download. Once downloaded, go to the location where it was saved and tab on the icon to install. It will hardly take a few seconds for installation. If you are installing an APK file for the first time, the phone will ask ok whether to allow or restrict third-party applications. Allow Snaptube to install because it is completely safe.

Step 2. Search TV Series

Open the app and sign in with your Google account. It is not necessary but it will be helpful to get all personalized content. Go to the search bar and enter the name of a particular TV series. If it is available, all episodes of free HD TV series download will appear one by one. When you play an episode, a downloading button will appear right below the playing screen.

Step 3. Download Series Free HD

Tap on the download button to explore options of different formats. Choose the highest resolution for the best viewing experience. Specify a storage location and press the download button to save the video.

According to the size of the series and your internet connection speed, it will take time to download. Snaptube is the most convenient and safest option for Android users to download HD series free in their smartphones. You don’t have to subscribe to any membership to access its premium features.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022