Xiaomi has certainly evolved a lot in the last few years. It has become the most popular smartphone brand in India and has also penetrated its market in other Asian countries like Indonesia as well. While Xiaomi phones already come with numerous apps, sometimes users need to download other Xiaomi apps to meet their requirements as well. We have come up with all kinds of apps that Xiaomi users should certainly try.

Part 1. 15 Must-Have Xiaomi Applications

Without much ado, let’s have a look at the essential Xiaomi mobile apps from different categories.

Entertainment and Social

1. Snaptube

An essential Xiaomi video app, it will let you watch or download videos in high quality for free. The app has integrated tons of video sharing and entertainment platforms. Though, users can add any other platform as well and download as many videos as they want. It has a fast-loading player that supports the streaming of HD content. Also, users get an option to pick different video resolutions for download. Besides videos, you can also download songs in high-quality as well and that too for free.
snap tube for android
2. SoundCloud
If you are a music fanatic, then this would be one of the best Xiaomi music apps for you. SoundCloud hosts millions of aspiring artists from all over the world. You can discover the music of all genres on the app and can even find your favorite songs as well. This is also a freely accessible platform.

aspiring artists from all over the world
3. Goodreads
Just like music lovers, there is also a perfect app for book lovers as well. Owned by Amazon, Goodreads is one of the biggest platforms for authors and readers alike. You can maintain your library, rate books, track the progress of your friends, discover great books to read, and even contact your favorite authors.

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4. Zomato
Don’t worry – just like the book and music lovers, we have a treat for food lovers as well. Zomato is known as “the Google of food” for a reason. You can find almost all the major restaurants nearby on Zomato and can even order food from there. Users can review different restaurants and build their followers as well.

major restaurants nearby on Zomato


5. The Score
As the name suggests, the Xiaomi phone app will keep you posted with all the latest scores related to different sports. From league matches to international tournaments, you can find the score of every major domain here.

international tournaments
6. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Truth to be told – every sports enthusiast wants to build a fantasy team. With this Yahoo! owned app, you can easily make it happen. There are all the major sports listed in the app so that you can create your fantasy team and play with your opponents without any trouble.

major sports listed


7. Security Master
This is an all-in-one Android app that will certainly meet every security need of yours. It has an inbuilt antivirus, VPN, app locker, and booster. The app will improve the overall performance of your device and make sure it stays protected from any malicious threat. With so many features, it is one of the best Xiaomi apps.

xiaomi apps
8. Armorfly Browser
Developed by Cheetah Mobile, Armorfly will be your go-to browser in no time. It blocks all the cookies and trackers so that you can browse the web safely. Furthermore, it provides a real-time protection from any threat and let you keep your downloads private as well.

miui apps
9. 1Password
This is a password manager app that can let you store your passwords in one place. You can access your passwords easily and keep them locked at the same time. One of the best Xiaomi apps, it will certainly help you level-up the security on your device.

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Fitness and Travel

10. Zombies Run
If you want to make your everyday running interesting, then this would be the perfect app for you. It will give you tasks and instructions to survive a Zombie apocalypse. If you run at an ideal speed and long enough, then you can survive the disaster and come back home safely.

xiaomi mi apps
11. Calorie Counter (Fitness Planning)
This one is for all the weight watchers out there. With this app, you can count the calories of your meals on a real-time basis. It can also help you achieve your goals by making healthy diet plans as well. You can also track your progress and compete with your friends too.

app xiaomi
12. Google Translator
Sometimes, traveling to another country or state can be tedious due to language barriers. To overcome this, you can use the Google Translator app. It will let you translate anything immediately. You can type a sentence, speak it, or even take its photo to translate it.

xiaomi music app


13. Headspace
Headspace has won numerous awards for its simplicity and ease of use. It is a meditation app that can help you focus on different aspects of life. You can improve yourself while calming your senses at the same time. Being one of the best Xiaomi apps, it runs on all the leading devices smoothly.

calming your senses
14. Mint
If you want to keep a track of your money, then Mint is a must-have app for you. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, and other payment details. It can help you identify your expenses and manage your money from different sources in one place.

mint is a must-have app
15. Files Go
Developed by Google, the app will help you free up more space on your Xiaomi phone. The app can identify duplicate content and help you move your essential files to your Google account as well. In this way, you can get more space on your device. One of the best Xiaomi apps, it can also help you find files and share them with others as well.

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Now when you know about some of the best Xiaomi apps for Android, you can easily make the most of your device. Out of all these apps, Snaptube is our favorite as it comes with tons of features. You can watch and download videos on your phone with a single tap using Snaptube. Go ahead and download this amazing app on your Xiaomi phone and never run out of interesting content.

updated by on Mar 11, 2020