WhatsApp has become the easiest way to connect with your loved ones and expressing live in several ways. This includes a text message, romantic audio songs, GIF, images, videos and voice notes. Here we are talking about the ways how videos can be used to impress your loved ones. Either send a romantic video directly to their number or update a 3 seconds clip as vide status. If you want to expresses your feelings publically, video status would be the best option. Nevertheless, the main problem is how to get WhatsApp video love status from the internet where no downloading options are available. Now find the answer here.

Part 1. Trending WhatsApp Love Video
Part 2. Download WhatsApp Love Video

Part 1. Some Popular WhatsApp Romantic Video Status

1. Jutti – Valentine special love story

Jutti is a decent 10 minutes love story that has got more than 6k likes and 3 million+ views. This story is based on a girl who visit hill station but broke her sandal in the path. While searching for a new one, she interact with a boy who is running shop of shoes. The way how boy fall for her and finally girl started liking him is really spectacular. You must send this cute love story video to your lover to give them a smile.

2. Love by chance

This is a cute school love story that has earned 20K likes on YouTube till now and more than 24 million views. This 11 minutes video illustrates a love story of rich girl who travel in her car with a young driver. Their interaction during the journey and falling for each other is really worth watching and sharing with your lover. How their arguments turned into love are amazing.

3. 2D animated love story

This is a simple but interesting video clipping that illustrates several attempts of boy to meet his girl who is sitting on the other end of the cliff. He made efforts like aeroplane, rope, and cannon but failed. Finally, clouds come, rain occurs and he sailed away to another end. This is just a 2 minutes video that grabbed 17k likes and more than 80 million views.

4. Heart touching School love story song

This is an emotional and heart touching video based on a Bangla album but Hindi song is dubbed. It will drive you from flirt, love, cuteness and sadness in just 3.25 minutes. Watch it and send to your most loving person.

5. Painful heart touching love story

This 4 minutes love and sad song will surely give you a goosebump. For those who want to express their sorrow must download the song and send through WhatsApp application. People have watched it for more than 13 million times till now and gave 9k likes.

Part 2. Best WhatsApp Love Video Download App

Snaptube mobile application is changing the way you use internet. Take at its significant features.
snap tube for android

  • It is free of cost mobile application that enables the user to download the video contents from multiple
  • A special WhatsApp video section is available for you to free download tons of videos for WhatsApp.
  • Snaptube is directly integrated with YouTube to provide all search results in priority.
  • You can get all videos with more than high definition of 1080p. Now a free user of Snaptube can get videos in 2k and 4k resolutions which are not possible in any other competitor app.
  • It gives you direct access to all YouTube channel genres. Just subscribe the channels of your choice and watch them in genre categories like action, adventure, sports, news, and infotainment.

How to Download Love Videos for WhatsApp

Snaptube has some amazing features that are mentioned above. It is very easy to use mobile application that specifically meant for an Android operating system. Below are the steps that you need to follow for using it.

Step 1. Install WhatsApp love video downloader

Install the .apk file format of Snaptube after downloading the WhatsApp love videos collection download app from its official website. When the app is installed, open it where you will see a home page containing search bar, bookmarks and WhatsApp video section.
download whatsapp love video

Step 2. Search for small love video clip for WhatsApp

Browse the “WhatsApp Video” tab for trending short love video for WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can also type any keyword in search bar to explore more WhatsApp love videos collection.
whatsapp video love download

Step 3. WhatsApp love video free download

Choose any video, tap on it and it will start playing. To share on WhatsApp, tap on the “Download” button available below every video. It will give you multiple resolutions option to choose for downloading. Select anyone and downloading will start. Once the file is saved, share it at any platform.

download whatsapp video love

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