WhatsApp was initially meant as an alternative to normal messaging service that was very costly and had limited options. Now it is widely used for communicating as well as for sharing videos, audios, images and official files too. Whether you want to watch a movie or share a video clip on WhatsApp, HD is trending everywhere. WhatsApp videos are generally meant for entertaining others. Sometimes, you watch viral videos on social media websites and want to share them on your WhatsApp but cannot find a suitable medium. Well, everyone faces this kind of issue. Read on to find the ultimate solution to get WhatsApp video HD download.

Part 1. The Best App for Unlimited HD WhatsApp Videos

Snaptube is meant for downloading every video that you generally play on video streaming apps. When the website will be opened through Snaptube, it will generate a video link for every video that can be downloaded in multiple resolutions and bitrates.
snap tube for android
For WhatsApp users, a new section of “WhatsApp Video” is recently introduced where only 30 seconds videos are available to update as video status. Also if you are trying to impress your lover with some romantic videos, this app will surely help. For YouTube users, there is a special section of channels where all channels that you have subscribed are available to watch in categories. For convenient access to popular video, sites are saved in the bookmark section.

How to Get Free WhatsApp Full HD Downloads

Before knowing the process of downloading, it is essential to gain some information regarding its installation. Before going to install it, keep one thing in mind that Snaptube application is only meant for use in the Android operating system. Here is a complete process of its user.

Step 1. Get Snaptube installed

Download the app in .apk file format which is available on official website. Now install it by following the simple steps of allowing the third party apps installed. If you have previously installed .apk files, then it will not ask again for permission.

whatsapp video hd 2018

Step 2. Explore WhatsApp HD videos

After the completion of installation process, open Snaptube and navigate to the WhatsApp Video tab on the top. Then you can explore unlimited WhatsApp HD clips.

whatsapp video full hd
Alternatively, you can also tap on the search bar to initiate the exploring process. It is very to use just like you search on google search engine by entering the keywords. If you want the videos in high definition, don’t forget to type HD in with your search term.

Step 3. Download WhatsApp in HD

When the video of your choice will open, tap on the Download button. Choose any of the resolutions such as 1080p or 720p that had good pixels strength as well as easy to upload on WhatsApp. Finally, you can directly send the downloaded file to WhatsApp from Snaptube.

whatsapp video hd video

Part 2. Recommended Picks of WhatsApp Video HD 2018

1. Cute couple relationship goals (perfect 2)

2. Cartoon- On & On (Daniel Levi)

3. Let me love you (Justin Biber)

4. Big Scene (Diljit Dosanjh)

5. Badnam (Mankirt Aulakh)

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