There are many websites and mobile apps where you can find hilarious videos. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for watching such kind of videos. The only problem with this website is that it doesn’t allow the users to download the video. Because of this restriction, it becomes difficult to share them with others on messengers like WhatsApp. If you want to share the comedy videos with your loved ones by downloading then scroll down to know about a reliable and amazing method. Nevertheless, before going further, take a look at the latest WhatsApp comedy video that you can download later.

Part 1. Download WhatsApp Comedy Videos
Part 2. Trending WhatsApp Comedy Videos

Part 1. How to Download the Best Comedy Video for WhatsApp

Snaptube is the easiest and safest way to download best comedy WhatsApp video that you watch on the internet. This app has many amazing features like live streaming, browsing social media sites for videos and saving them with up to 4K resolution. To use it for saving videos in your Smartphone, read the following instructions.
snap tube for android

Step 1. Open Snaptube after installation

Before using Snaptube application, remember one thing that it is only meant for Android platform users. After installation, launch the app.
download whatsapp comedy video

Step 2. Search new WhatsApp comedy videos

Navigate to the “WhatsApp Video” tab on the top. Browse for the WhatsApp comedy videos you like. Alternatively, you can also enter a keyword or URL of comedy videos in search box to gain instant access.
download whatsapp video comedy
It is advisable to subscribe for some comedy channels so that the app’s algorithm automatically detects your preference and bring highly preferred videos on the home screen.

Step 3. Download comedy video clips for WhatsApp

Once the video will start playing, tap on the “Download” button that will be given below every video screen. It will ask you to choose a video quality. If you want to share it on WhatsApp, choose the standard definition that can be easily uploaded.
download comedy whatsapp video
Wait for the completion of the process, when it’s done, enjoy by playing in a video player or send on WhatsApp groups.

Part 2. The 5 Short Comedy Videos for WhatsApp

1. Vijay Raj Run Movie comedy scenes

Vijay Raj is one of the finest Indian actors known for his versatile acting. Whether it is a comedy or serious roles, you will admire his talent. In Run movie, his comedy role was admired by everyone. Here is a compilation of all funny comedy scenes that he did in that movie. Watch it and share with your friends to make them laugh too.

2. Funny Chinese pranks compilation

This is an 11 minutes video contains fully Chinese pranks that you will surely love to watch again and again. The Video is posted on YouTube by Posteries channel on 16 March 2018. Till now, it is viewed by 5393019 people and has got 6.6K likes.

3. Beggar Hunter African comedy video

This African comedy vine contains too much laughter that you cannot resist from sharing. Beggar hunter is a 2.41 minutes video that shows how a boy try to rob a beggar but get fooled badly. Their efforts of fooling people are showed in a hilarious way that you must watch.

4. Top 50 Savage Animals

If you think only humans do all the fun then its time to change your perception. This video introduced 50 savage animals who will bring laughter to your face with their acts. Whether it is gorilla, dog, parrot, cow, duck or fish, you will see everyone doing funny things.

5. Top 25 Sleeping Prank

Are you looking for some creative ideas to terrify a sleeping person? If yes, then this is the best video on the internet to watch. Get inspiration from them and do on others. You can create some funny videos after watching them and share on social media sites.

6. Fun and Games Mr Bean Funny Compilation

Everyone knows who is Mr Bean and what he does to make others laugh. Nobody in this world can resist after watching hilarious and full of stupidity videos. This video shows a visit from Mr Bean to a fun and amusement arena and doing fun activities. Must watch it and share with others on WhatsApp to make them smile.

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