Android users would already know about Snaptube, which is considered as a must-have video downloader app. Though, iOS users also look for a Snaptube iPhone 6 solution to download videos on their device. Since Snaptube is only available for Android, the Snaptube APK iPhone 6 option might not be there. The good news is that you can still access Snaptube on iPhone 6/6s by visiting a similar online solution.

Web-based Snaptube for iPhone 6/6s Solution

Even though you can’t do the Snaptube iPhone 6 download on your device, you can still access its web-based solution via Snappea. The online application has similar features and won’t need you to download Snaptube for iPhone 6 as well.

Snaptube for iPhone 6

snaptube online

  • Free and online

This Snaptube iPhone 6s online solution can be accessed on any device or browser for free and will not need you to download any app.

  • URL to video download

Instead of doing the Snaptube app free download for iPhone 6, you can visit Snappea. You can just copy the URL of the video you want, submit it to Snappea, and download it.

  • Different formats

Just like Snaptube APK for iPhone 6, Snappea will also let you download the video in different formats and video resolutions. You can also save a video as an MP4 or MP3 file on your iPhone with Snappea.

  • App integration

Besides submitting the URL of the video, you can also enter keywords on the Snaptube iPhone 6s online interface and directly get results from app.

How to Use the Online Snaptube iPhone 6 Application

Just like doing the Snaptube iPhone 6 download, using the Snappea web solution is also extremely easy. To download any MP3 or MP4 file via Snaptube iPhone 6 online tool, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the video link

If you want, you can first go to any other website or app where the video is originally posted and copy its URL to the clipboard. If you are searching for the video on an app, then you can tap on the share icon to get its video link.

Step 2: Search for the video to download

Once the video link is copied, you can go to the official website of Snappea (Snaptube for iPhone 6s online tool) and submit the URL. You can also directly enter keywords of your choice and get searched results.

Step 3: Download the video on your iPhone 6/6s

After finding the video of your choice, just click on its thumbnail, and let the application process it. Now, you can just select an appropriate format and size to save it and tap on the “Download” button at the end.

That’s it! In this way, you can easily take the assistance of Snaptube for iPhone 6/6s and save a video or audio from any source.

updated by Chief Editor on 5月 16, 2022