While Snaptube has been released in 2014, it has been updated several times every now and then. For instance, the Snaptube app of 2018 saw some of the best updates that were instantly loved by its users. Thankfully, you can easily do the Snaptube download 2018 or any other version on your device. Here, I will let you know how to do the Snaptube APK download 2018 latest version on your Android.

Snaptube App 2018 Version: Major Features

Before you learn how to do the Snaptube app downloader 2018+ versions, let’s quickly discuss the major features of this resourceful app.
snap tube for android

  • Switch between different platforms

You can find tons of video-sharing and social platforms on the Snaptube 2018 APK that you can switch between easily.

  • MP4 and MP3 formats

Once you download Snaptube APK 2018 on your phone, you can save a video in either MP4 or MP3 format.

  • Optimum and HD qualities

Furthermore, you can also save a video in HD as well as optimized video resolutions like 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, etc.

  • Download videos from their links

You can also directly submit the URL of the source on the Snaptube app 2018 and download the video from it.

  • Other features

You can do the Snaptube download of 2018 latest version for free without rooting your phone. It also offers integration and a floating window option.

How to Download the Snaptube APK 2018+ Version

Doing the Snaptube download of 2018 or any other version is extremely simple. To start using the Snaptube 2018 APK on your Android, just follow these suggestions.

Step 1: Do the Snaptube Download 2018 version

Firstly, you can just visit the official website of Snaptube and download its APK on your device. You can download its latest version or browse an older Snaptube 2018 APK here.
Once you download Snaptube APK 2018, let your browser install the application on your phone. Just make sure you can install apps from third-party sources on your device.

Step 2: Look for any video to download

After you do the Snaptube APK download 2018 latest version, just launch the application and select any supported platform from its home. You can also enter keywords in the search bar to get results or directly submit the URL of the video here.

Step 3: Download the MP4 or MP3 file

Once you find the video of your choice, simply tap on it and it will be loaded on Snaptube’s media player. To save the file, tap on the download icon (at the bottom) and choose to save it as either MP3 or MP4.

As you can see, doing the Snaptube app download (2018 version) is pretty easy and can be done for free by visiting its website. The Snaptube app 2018 version is equipped with tons of features and would let you download videos from multiple sources on the go.

updated by on May 16, 2022