When we talk about a free video and audio downloader app for Android devices, Snaptube is the first name that comes to our mind. Although the app has been around for a while, the Snaptube 2017 version remains as one of its most popular releases. The good thing is that you can easily do the Snaptube APK download 2017 or get a newer version of your phone for free. Without much ado, let’s explore the details of the Snaptube APK 2017 version right here.

Snaptube 2017 Version: The Major Features

Doing the Snaptube download for Android 2017 is pretty easy and you won’t need to root your phone for this. Before we learn how to do the Snaptube 2017 download, let’s get to know about its major features.
snap tube for android

  • On the Snaptube old version 2017 (or the new one), you can find tons of platforms that are already listed on its home.
  • You can switch between these platforms (like Facebook) or add any other source of your choice.
  • Using the Snaptube 2017 APK, you can also submit the URL of a video and simply download it on your phone.
  • The application can be used to download MP4 and MP3 files. You can even download a video as an MP3 file on the phone storage.
  • Furthermore, Snaptube 2017 APK will also let you save the file in different resolutions or bit rates.
  • Some other features of Snaptube are picture-in-picture mode, integration, and dark mode.

How to do Snaptube APK Download 2017 (or newer) Version

You can do the Snaptube download for Android 2017 version for free on any Android phone. To make the most of the Snaptube 2017 APK, just follow this simple drill.

Step 1: Do the Snaptube APK 2017 Download

Since you won’t find the Snaptube 2017 APK on the Play Store, you can first enable the app installation permission from unknown sources. Later, you can visit the Snaptube official website on your phone and select Snaptube 2017 to download on your phone.
Once the Snaptube old version 2017 is downloaded, tap on the APK to install the app on the phone.

Step 2: Find any video of your choice

Now, you can just launch the Snaptube 2017 app on your phone and find any video of your choice. You can directly enter keywords to get results from switch between the available platforms. There is also an option to paste the URL of any video on the Snaptube 2017 APK.

Step 3: Download the video on your phone

In the end, just load the video on the media player of Snaptube and tap on the download icon to save it on your phone. There will be options to save the file in different formats and sizes that you can select from here.

There you go! By following this simple trick, you can do the Snaptube APK download of 2017 (or a newer) version and meet your entertainment needs.

updated by on 5月 16, 2022