Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The brand is known for its flagship Galaxy series, which is used by millions of people. To give their users a flawless smartphone experience, Samsung always comes with new apps. From exclusive Samsung apps to Galaxy apps, you have hundreds of options to pick from. Though, not every Samsung user is aware of these apps. In this post, we will make you familiar with some of the best apps that every Samsung user should try.

Part 1. Made for Samsung Apps

Apart from the exclusive Samsung new apps, there are tons of apps that are designed specifically for Samsung devices. Here are some of these “made for Samsung” apps that you can try.

1. Snaptube

Even though there are hundreds of Samsung apps out there, we have handpicked the best ones here. Besides that, you can also download Snaptube on your Samsung device. The app will let you watch unlimited content and that too free of cost. Compatible with all the leading Samsung devices, it has integrated various video sharing platforms. Simply look for the video of your choice and start streaming it whenever and wherever you want. From international music to regional content, you will find it all on Snaptube.
snap tube for android

2. Weather Channel for Samsung

The Weather Channel has an exclusive Galaxy app that you would love to use. Not just to get real-time weather updates of your area, you can also know about the weather information of any other location as well.

3. Kindle for Samsung

Amazon has also developed special apps for Galaxy device. The Kindle for Samsung app is a bit different than its Android edition and will let you enjoy the service in a superior manner.

developed special apps

4. Workout Trainer for Samsung

If you want to get fit, then you should certainly try this Galaxy app. You can access articles, video tutorials, diet plans, etc. free of cost. If you want a personal training, then you can get its pro version.

certainly try this Galaxy app

5. Scribd for Samsung

Scribd is one of the must-have Samsung apps for all the readers out there. By paying as less as $9, you can access thousands of magazines, books, music sheets, audio books, and more.

must-have Samsung apps

5. News Republic for Samsung

Get all the latest updates and news on your phone with this remarkable app. You can also open multiple windows and read various news articles for free.

this remarkable app

7. ABC Mouse for Samsung

If you have a kid in your house, then you should use this Samsung app. It has hundreds of exercises to educate kids and help them grow intellectually.

use this Samsung app

8. Expedia for Samsung

Expedia is one of the biggest travel platforms in the world to book flights, hotels, tours, and more. The app has been designed specifically for Samsung devices and will certainly come handy to you.

one of the biggest travel platforms

9. Goal+ for Samsung

This is for all the sports lovers out there. You can get live scores and alerts for your favorite match. The app will make sure that you won’t miss your favorite games, no matter where you are.

sports lovers out there

10. Pear Sports for Samsung

Pear Sports is a fitness training app that is also designed for Samsung. You can track your progress, set weight loss goals, get dedicated coaching, etc. on your phone and wearable devices.

fitness training app

11. Games

There are also lots of games that are designed keeping Samsung devices in mind. You can simply go to the Galaxy app store and browse these games, listed under different categories.

designed keeping Samsung devices in mind

Part 2. Exclusive Samsung Mobile Apps

Android users can download every popular app from the Play Store. Though, there are some apps that are made exclusively for Samsung devices. Here are some of these exclusive Samsung applications that you should definitely start using.

1. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is one of the most useful payment apps developed by Samsung. You can load all your card details on the app and pay using your phone. Therefore, you don’t need to carry your cards with you while going out. It provides extremely secure payment features and supports in-app as well as online payment options.

useful payment apps

2. Smart Switch

If you are moving your data from your old device to a Galaxy phone, then you can use Smart Switch. While the existing device can be any Android phone or iPhone, the target device should be a Galaxy phone. You can transfer your photos, contacts, messages, call logs, videos, etc. directly from one device to another. Both the devices can be connected wirelessly or through a dedicated physical connection.

transfer your photos

3. Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass is an identity verification app that provides identity management as a service. You can verify yourself through fingerprint or iris scan and configure different third-party services with it. It can help in service authentication as well. The feature mostly comes as a default app in new Galaxy devices.

identity verification app

4. Samsung Notes

The most productive Samsung app, it will certainly change the way you make notes. Draft notes in different colors, share them with your friends, including multimedia content, and do so much more. If you want to deal with other documents like Word, Excel or PDF, you need a professional PDF solution or Office solution.

productive Samsung app

5. Penup

As surprising as it might sound, a lot of people are not aware of this exclusive Samsung app. Penup is a social network developed by Samsung for artists. You can share your work and interact with other artists here. It is mostly used by Samsung Note users as the platform encourages the creative use of the Note’s stylus.

exclusive Samsung app

6. Samsung Internet

In almost all the Galaxy devices, Samsung Internet is the native feature to access the web. You can browse the web and manage your internet space using this app.

Galaxy devices

7. Find My Mobile

Simply configure this app once and be sure to get the exact location of your device. You can remotely locate your device, change its lock, clear its data, and do so much more. One of the essential Samsung apps, it will certainly help you locate your lost or stolen device at the time of needs.

remotely locate your device

8. Samsung Health

This Samsung app will let you manage your health and daily fitness needs easily. It can track your everyday activities, sleeping pattern, health, and tons of other information. You can also link it with other smart wearable devices as well.

daily fitness needs easily

9. SmartThings

Being one of the smartest apps for Samsung, it will let you control a wide range of devices and features. You can remotely control the smart appliances in your home and even when you are out.

smartest apps for Samsung

10. Other Samsung Apps

There are plenty of other apps, like Dex, Bixby, Themes, etc. that can further make your life so much better. Most of these apps come pre-installed on devices these days.

plenty of other apps

updated by Chief Editor on Oct 20, 2020