These days, almost every individual out there uses WhatsApp to communicate with others and post various updates. One of the best ways to be active on the app is by posting status messages (pictures and short videos). If you are a fan of the Punjabi music, then you might be looking for Punjabi song status for WhatsApp as well. To help you do the same, we have come up with this post. Get to know about the best Punjabi song WhatsApp status and learn how to download them as well.

Recommend App to Download WhatsApp Status

Snaptube is a must-have Android app to download all kinds of WhatsApp status videos on your phone. You can download the app for free by visiting its website and browse it without any restrictions. Not just to watch videos, you can also download them directly on your phone. The app has a dedicated section for WhatsApp status videos as well that you can explore.
snap tube for android
Using Snaptube, you can download WhatsApp status Punjabi songs of all kinds. The app allows us to download a video in different formats. Later, you can just post the downloaded video as your WhatsApp status. It can also be used to download videos of all kinds like movies, TV shows, funny videos, music videos, etc.

A Collection of WhatsApp Punjabi Song Status Videos

One can find all sorts of WhatsApp status song Punjabi and the related videos. If you want to save your time, then you can download these Punjabi songs for WhatsApp status videos instead.

Punjabi songs lyrics for WhatsApp status

If you want your audience to read the song lyric as well while watching the status, then you can download these videos.

Punjabi sad song status for WhatsApp

For all those who would like to post sad WhatsApp song status Punjabi, the following videos would be a great option.

Download More Punjabi WhatsApp Status with Snaptube

You can easily explore these videos and download the new Punjabi song status for WhatsApp. If you want, you can also try Snaptube to download WhatsApp status Punjabi new song. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Install Snaptube on your Android device and launch it to download a video.
  2. On its home, you can view a dedicated tab for WhatsApp status. Simply browse it and load a video of your choice.whatsapp punjabi song
  3. You can also tap on the search button and look for any Punjabi WhatsApp video by entering certain keywords or pasting a video’s URL.
  4. Tap on the video thumbnail to load it on the interface.punjabi song for whatsapp status
  5. Once the video is loaded, tap on the download icon to save it.whatsapp status punjabi song
  6. Select the respective format and size of the video to start the downloading process.

In this way, you can download numerous Punjabi song status for WhatsApp directly on your device. Once the video has been downloaded, you can simply post it as your WhatsApp status. Snaptube is a secure, user-friendly, and freely available video downloader that every Android user should have. Go ahead and give it a try and download as many WhatsApp status videos as you want!

updated by Chief Editor on 10月 20, 2020