Current, Android OS is leading in Smartphone market because it is open source. Now forget about cable or dish connection because all channels can be availed in mobile applications like movie box. It contains all latest movies that are released recently in high definition. If you are facing any kind of problem while watching movies on Movie Box app, simply switch to some better alternatives. All you need is to be aware of the fake apps that may contain malicious content for infecting your smartphone. Below is a list of genuine apps that one can install in Android mobile for uninterrupted and quality entertainment.

Part 1. Top 5 Alternatives to Movie Box Android App

1. Snaptube

The list of streaming apps is incomplete until you are not including the name of Snaptube. This app has many distinctive features that you cannot see in any other alternative. It gives you the access to all websites that contain multimedia content including live streaming. Social media websites are also accessible thorough Snaptube for exploring viral videos. Once can save any video on his/her phone memory without paying any subscription charges which is the main benefit. Apart from that, this Movie Box app for Android also allows you to personalise the home screen with most preferred contents.snap tube for android

Step 1. Search a movie

If you have the URL of the desired website then directly enter it in search bar and explore the content of the site. This search bar also offers instant access to YouTube content if you have entered a keyword related to a song or video.

movie box android app

Step 2. Watch movie online and offline

Once the video of your choice appears on screen, a button of downloading will also be shown. Tap on it to choose any of the video or audio quality that you want. Once selected, the file will automatically save in your Smartphone’s memory.

moviebox app for android

2. Box TV

This is an identical name that almost matches movie box but has many amazing features. Box TV enables you to access movies in all regional and national languages without any subscription charge. To use it in your Android device, sign up with Facebook or a Google account and become eligible to explore video content of more than 5000 hours. One can adjust the video quality according to their data plan allowance. Once signed up, it will automatically track your preferences and bring specialised content on the home screen. It also has a premium version for saving all video content in phone memory. The unlimited access to app’s content is also available only with subscription plans.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a widely popular app especially meant for streaming movies and TV shows. It contains latest released videos in high definition quality including Hollywood and Bollywood industry. The developers of this app update entertainment content on a weekly basis so that users will not bore with monotonous videos. It gives you unlimited access to all content without any subscription plan. Not just android but Tubi TV is also accessible with leading streaming consoles like play station, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. For latest updated content, check your app on Friday.

4. Kodi

If you are looking for an entertainment mobile application containing pro-level features without any cost then Kodi is the best player. It is an open source platform which doesn’t supply any media content on its own. There are some plugins available for Kodi to play channels and movies. The main feature of this amazing app is supportive for all display devices. The graphic user interface of Kodi is 10 feet tall which can be projected with any display device on screen or wall. Apart from free plugins, some of them are also provided on a paid basis for premium content.

5. Plex

It is a kind of pocket multiplex for Android Smartphone users. Plex is basically a streaming app that provides you with unlimited content including latest released movies and shows. One can also explore preloaded media content of mobile like photos, music and videos n this app. It means you don’t need to have a separate gallery application for accessing images. Those who want to stay updated with latest news videos of worldwide events must install it. they provide trusted news from 190 global partners and the number is still increasing. One can easily organise and share the content with other people in the network through a user-friendly interface. It is a cross-platform application that lets to explore the files available in Windows, Mac, Linux and NAS based operating systems.

updated by on Mar 11, 2020