Dragon Ball Super is the latest leg of the Dragon Ball series, featuring Goku, a super villain, and a gripping story. The series is officially telecasted on Fuji TV. Though, if you don’t live in Japan, then you must look for Dragon Ball Super online websites and apps to watch it. Being one of the most popular anime series in the world, it has its availability in tons of free and paid platforms. In this guide, we will let you know about some of the best places to watch the popular anime.

Top 15 Places to Watch Dragon Ball Super Subbed Online

As you know, Dragon Ball Super is extensively available on various platforms for its international audience. Though, viewers often look for videos with subtitles as the original show is telecasted in Japanese. If you are also a fan of the show, then you can simply try the following platforms.

1. Snaptube

dragon ball super online

Snaptube will be a go-to solution to watch all kinds of anime series and TV shows online. Download it on your Android device, look for the show of your choice, and start streaming it. Yes – it is really as simple as that. The app fetches its results from numerous platforms to make sure the end results will meet your requirements. It has a fast-loading video player that supports HD quality videos too. You can also multitask and use the app while watching a video. Not just to watch Dragon Ball Super online, you can stream all the other kinds of regional and international content of different genres.


2. Funimation

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Funimation is one of the best places to watch Dragon Ball Super full episodes online. The episodes are uploaded only a few hours after their original telecast. It features both, subbed as well as dubbed episodes in English. Though, you would have to get its premium version beforehand.

3. Animetake.tv

watch dragon ball super online

Animetake has one of the most extensive collections of the latest anime shows out there. There is a separate section for Dragon Ball Super series that you can check. The best thing is that the website won’t cost you a thing to stream premium quality subbed episodes.

4. GogoAnime

ver dragon ball super online

This is another website that offers Dragon Ball Super online streaming. Since it is mobile friendly and optimized, you can even visit it on your smartphone to stream the latest episodes. All the episodes are available with subtitles.

5. Chia-Anime

watch dragon ball super online free

Halt your quest for a free anime website at Chia. The website includes all the latest anime shows. The interface of the website is extremely user-friendly with a clear segregation of the content. Though, you might need to close some unwanted pop-ups while streaming Dragon Ball episodes.

6. Dragon Ball Complete

watch dragon ball super free online

If you are a true fan of the series, then you should certainly visit this website. It has a complete collection of all the Dragon Ball shows, includes Dragon Ball Z, GT, Super, etc. You can also participate in its forum and meet other fans.

7. Animeflavor

dragon ball super free online

Animeflavor will let you watch this anime series online without paying anything. All the episodes come with an inbuilt subtitle as well. It also has a sophisticated player that supports HD videos too.

8. Animelab

watch dragon ball super free

Animelab is probably one of the most popular platforms to stream anime series. You can find all the newly uploaded episodes of Dragon Ball Super on the platform as well. Not only its website, you can also use its smartphone app to watch the anime series of your choice.

9. Dbzsuper.tv

dragon ball super online stream

This website is solely dedicated to HD Dragon Ball Super. The viewers can also switch between the quality of the video (240p, 480p, 720p, and so on). You can simply select the quality that suits your internet connection. If you want, you can also download an episode by using a browser plug-in.

10. KissAnime

dragon ball super ver online

Being one of the most popular anime platforms in the world, it is no surprise that KissAnime has a dedicated section for Dragon Ball Super. You will find all the seasons available here in excellent quality. Also, there is an option of subtitles on the video player that you can switch off or on as per your needs.

11. Dragon Ball Only

 where to watch dragon ball super

As the name suggests, the website only features Dragon Ball episodes. It has got all the past series of Dragon Ball that you can watch for free. Not only it provides an ad-free experience, all the videos are available in HD quality with subtitles.

12. Dragon Ball Time

dragon ball super capitulos online

If you are tired of searching an ideal place to watch this anime, then you should try this platform. The website will let you watch all the episodes of the entire series for free. It has segregated the videos with respect to the series, season, and other categories.

13. Saiyan Watch

where can i watch dragon ball super

A lot of people might not be aware of this website, but it certainly provides an ideal solution. Since the website won’t charge you anything, you can simply stream the episode of your choice for free.

14. JustDubsAnime

dragon ball super online sub

The website has all the anime videos that are already dubbed. Therefore, you don’t need to spend your time reading the subtitles. The Dragon Ball Super episodes are also dubbed and freely available on the website. It also has a feature to play random episodes as well.

15. Dragon Ball World

how to watch dragon ball super

With over 300 different videos available on its own server, Dragon Ball World provides a free and easy solution. The website majorly caters to the western audience of Dragon Ball, who would like to watch videos with dedicated subtitles.


We are sure that after getting to know all these websites and apps, you would be able to watch the latest episodes of the series. Most of the platforms here won’t charge you anything and features all the episodes of the series with subtitles. Go ahead and check these websites to watch your favorite anime online. Also, be sure to download Snaptube on your Android device to watch your favorite anime series for free.


updated by Senior Editor on Mar 21, 2018