VidMate is a highly popular video and music downloading app that is freely available for Android devices. While VidMate provides a decent solution to download videos and music in high-quality, a lot of users look for its alternative. In this post, we will introduce you to the best alternative to VidMate app and provide a quick tutorial to use it as well.

Part 1. Snaptube: The Best Alternative to VidMate Application

Snaptube is a freely available vid mate app alternative that is compatible with every leading Android device. Just like VidMate, the app has integrated a wide range of entertainment platforms together. Therefore, a user can look for their favorite songs and videos without switching between numerous apps. It supports the streaming and downloading of high-definition videos as well.
snap tube for android

Part 2. How to Download Videos and Music on Snaptube

As you can see, Snaptube comes with tons of features, making it easier for us to download unlimited videos and music. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download the video mate app alternative

To begin with, you need to download the Snaptube app on your Android device. Simply visit its official website to download the latest APK version of the app. Once the APK file is downloaded, you can install the app on your device.
Though, you would need to turn on the app download option from third-party sources beforehand. To do this, go to your device Security Settings and turn on the app download option from unknown sources.

Step 2: Look for your favorite videos and music

Once you launch the Snaptube app, you will find a shortcut for various entertainment platforms. You can even add or remove any platforms from here by tapping on the “More” button.
Just type the relevant keywords for any video or song of your choice on the search bar. The interface will display relevant results with respect to the searched keywords.

Step 3: Download the video or song file

Right adjacent to the displayed results, you can view a download icon. Just tap on it to start the process.
To preview a video, just tap on it. This will launch a dedicated video player for you to watch it. To save the video (or the audio file), simply tap on the download icon located at the bottom of the video player.

You will be given different resolution and bit rate choices for the selected video. The interface will also display its estimated size as well. Simply make the desired selection to commence the process.
Once the downloading is completed, you can find the video or audio under the “Downloads” folder in Snaptube. Also, these files will be saved in your phone storage as well.

Now when you know the best alternative to VidMate video app and how to use it, you can easily download your favorite videos and songs anytime you want. It is a freely available app that supports unlimited downloading of songs and videos. Give it a try and never run out of interesting content for your Android device.

Part 3. Comparison between Snaptube and VidMate

While both Snaptube and VidMate mobile app are used to download videos and music files, they are a bit different. For instance, Snaptube has a more user-friendly interface and features a fast-loading player. Here are some amazing features of Snaptube that makes it a better choice than VidMate.
• It has a sleek interface with an extremely fast-loading video player.
• All the downloaded songs and videos can be accessed from Snaptube’s native interface.
• The app also has its own music player.
• Users can even make playlists using the Snaptube app.
• Snaptube provides a more extensive list of entertainment platforms to download music and videos. Users can also add a platform of their choice as well.
• It has tons of advanced features like the picture-in-picture mode.
• The interface will also let you discover new and trending content. There is a dedicated section for “Snaplist” that also keeps updating regularly.
• Users can download videos and songs in different resolutions (and bit rate) with respect to their file size.
• If you want to get rid of the in-app ads, then you can make a small one-time payment to buy its premium subscription as well.

updated by on May 16, 2022