Do you feel the need for downloading a video playing on the multimedia websites? Of course, we need some videos to save for watching offline or sending it to someone else. The only solution is downloading that particular video but how? Multimedia downloader apps like Snaptube and TubeMate are the solutions to this issue. Most of the downloader apps contain malware and adware. Snaptube and TubeMate HD video downloader are the two popular apps currently being used by large criteria of Android users. Both of these applications are available in .apk file format only but you did to download from Android package websites. If you are getting confused between these two names, we will help in suggesting the best one with feasible reasons. Here is a comparative study between Snaptube and TubeMate HD download app.

Comparison between Snaptube and TubeMate

  • Snaptube is currently offering the maximum downloading resolution of 4K pixels in videos. This is a premium feature provided by app developers for free of cost. On the other hand, the maximum pixels resolution supported by TubeMate for downloading is only 1280 x 720p.
  • Both Snaptube and TubeMate HD video Pro provide the facility of converting any video file into audio online. However, the maximum bit rate provided by Snaptube is 160k whereas the maximum bit rate provided by TubeMate is just 120k.
  • The features of Snaptube are more easily accessible as compared to TubeMate. The home screen of Snaptube provides direct access to most of its features such as one-touch bookmark reachability, subscribed channels table, and search bar.
  • When it comes to downloading speed, Snaptube still remains ahead as compared to the TubeMate video downloader.
  • Apart from third-party platforms, Snaptube is also available to download from its official website. They regularly update new features regarding accessibility and security in beta and stable versions.

snap tube for android
These five points are enough to understand that Snaptube is a better video downloader option as compared to TubeMate. You must be curious to know how to download, install, and use its features. We will explain in detail everything right here.

Steps for Downloading HD Videos using Snaptube

Step 1. Snaptube Installation

Search online for the .apk file of Snaptube which can be downloaded from third-party Android app stores for its official site. Install by allowing third-party apps installation permission to your Android device.

Step 2. Exploring HD Videos

When you open the home screen it looks like an improvised version. It is advisable to sign in with their existing Google account to get personalized video suggestions on the homepage. However, you can access all features of the app without even signing in. Find your video in the list of book market websites, enter its keyword, or type the URL. make sure that your search term is including HD, 1080, or 4k with the main keywords. whether it is Snaptube or TubeMate full HD video downloader, all apps will show the results of high resolution only if you add these terms in the search bar.

Step 3. Download Videos in Your Phone

When the video starts playing, tap on the download button. On the next screen, choose the highest resolution available to download. Make sure that it is not below 720 x 1080p. Press the download button and wait for a few minutes. the video will be saved on your phone to watch offline anytime.

High resolutions like 2K and 4K will consume more time and data. Therefore, it is advisable to connect with high-speed Wi-Fi whenever you want to download something. Apps like Snaptube and TubeMate HD video pro downloader are only available for Android platforms.

updated by Chief Editor on May 16, 2022