If you have an Oppo mobile, then you have come to the right place. While Oppo phones already come with several inbuilt apps, users need to install tons of essential apps from Google Play Store as well. These days, there are apps for almost everything out there. Though, there are some Oppo mobile apps that every user should try at least once. We have come up with an extensive list of essential apps for Oppo users that you should install right away.

Part 1. Essential Oppo Apps to Give a Try

For your convenience, we have segregated all the essential Oppo phone apps in different categories. Let’s uncover them one by one.


1. Snaptube

With Snaptube, you can stream unlimited videos in high-quality and that too for free. It has integrated a wide range of video sharing platforms together so that users can easily find music and videos in no time. It also gives an option to download videos in different resolutions. You can also download as many songs as you want for free. The app comes with tons of advanced features like picture-in-picture mode, fast-loading player, and more. All of this makes Snaptube a must-have freely-available app for Oppo mobile.
snap tube for android

2. Google Podcasts

Developed by Google, the app will give you access to all kinds of podcasts. While most of the podcasts are available for free, you would have to pay a small amount for some of them. The app has also integrated AI features so that you can get personalized podcasts to listen to.

developed by google

3. Shazam

At times, we listen to some songs, but can’t seem to find them afterward. Well, this is exactly when Shazam can help you. The Oppo music app is used to recognize songs of all kinds. It has millions of songs of different genres and languages in its database. You can hum a song, play its snippet, or simply sing it yourself to find it.

oppo a37 app


4. Periscope

Owned by Twitter, Periscope lets you broadcast a video anytime and from anywhere. You can interact with your audience and even find tons of broadcasts from others as well. Making broadcasting easier than ever, this is undoubtedly one of the most useful Oppo mobile apps.

oppo apps

5. Hello

Hello is considered as the second generation of social networking. The Oppo application is entirely focused on the passion and interests of its users. It will help you find like-minded people so that you view interesting content related to your preferences.

application is entirely focused

6. EyeEm

EyeEm is considered as the next Instagram for numerous reasons. Not only can you post your photos and be friends with other people, the app also helps its users to sell their photographs as well. Simply upload the photo, provide the relevant permissions, and be ready to make money out of your passion.

oppo neo 7 apps


7. LastPass

If you are concerned about your privacy, then you should use this password manager. One of the best security Oppo mobile apps, it will save the passwords of all the other apps and accounts. With a single key, you can unlock your passwords and keep them handy at the same time.

save the passwords

8. Firefox Focus

A lot of browsers track the activity of its users, which invades their privacy. On the other hand, Firefox Focus will automatically block trackers, cookies, and all the third-party plugins. It will also delete the browsing history automatically, making your activities untraceable.

oppo f1 app

9. Hola VPN

We all need a Virtual Private Network every once in a while. Hola is a freely available and highly secure VPN that will let you access numerous locations. In this way, you can hide your identity and location while browsing the internet and access restricted content at the same time.

hola is a freely available


10. Automate

One of the most useful Oppo mobile apps, it will let you automate everything. With the help of simple flowcharts, you can automate all kinds of activities. It also supports the use of third-party apps as well (like Tasker) so that you can complete all your pending tasks in time.

oppo app download

11. Evernote

If you take a lot of notes and make to-do lists, then this would be a life-changing app for you. The best thing about Evernote is that you can access your notes from anywhere – the mobile app or the website on your computer. You can include absolutely anything (websites, photos, etc.) in your notes as well.

oppo phone apps

12. Offtime

While there are lots of Oppo mobile apps to increase our productivity, there is nothing quite like Offtime. The app can block all the social media platforms, games, or any other addictive apps on your phone. In this way, you can focus on your work without any distraction.

block all the social


13. Gboard

Also known as Google Keyboard, it will change the way you text. The keyboard will work on all the other messaging apps as well. The best thing about Gboard is that you can search on Google while typing something. There are also countless GIFs and stickers that are also embedded in the app.

typing something

14. WPS Office

Let’s be honest – we all need an Office suite on our Android. Besides using Google docs, you can also download the WPS Office suite on your Oppo device as well. It will let you create, view, and edit all kinds of Office files (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on). There is an inbuilt PDF reader in the suite as well. To edit PDF, you can use third-party PDF editor.

oppo application

15. Nova Launcher

A lot of people complain about the native appearance of the custom UI used by Oppo. To give your phone a new look and feel, you can try Nova Launcher. A freely available launcher, it hosts tons of themes that you can pick. There are also various HD wallpapers that you can choose from your phone. Needless to say, it will change the way you access your phone.

office suite on our Android

After getting to know about some of the best Oppo mobile apps, you can certainly bring a much-needed change to your phone. Go ahead and download these Oppo new apps right away and recommend Snaptube to your friends as well. A freely available video and music downloader, it will be your favorite mobile app in no time.

updated by on May 16, 2022