There are an array of limitations on how you can download music to your Android phone. Today, it is becoming more and more complex to find music files and save it on your phone in an MP3 format.

To reduce your hassle, we have discussed a free music download for Android offline. Check how you can use the best free music download app for Android offline.

Free Music Download Android Offline

Snaptube is the best free music download for offline listening Android that helps you save media to your phone. You only need to download this app to your phone and start using it.
snap tube for android

Here are the features of this offline music downloader for Android:

  • You can download media from various integrated platforms, such as DailyMotion.
  • You can save music in various formats like MP3 and MP4.
  • It is possible to multitask with the help of the picture in picture mode.
  • It reduces eye strain because of its night mode, which enables automatically.

How To Use Free Music Download App Android Offline

Since Snaptube is an amazing app to start downloading music to phone, we have explained the process of downloading this app and using it.

Step 1: Download Snaptube

The first to use Snaptube free music download app for android without wifi is to download it on your phone. Here’s the link.

When you visit this website from your phone, you would find a download link. If you click on it, Snaptube will download it on your phone. You just need to click on the APK to install it.

Step 2: Download Music

Once the app is on your phone, you can search on it to start downloading music.

Simply search, hit the download arrow, and select the quality of the download. You can even download music videos with Snaptube.

Step 3: Use the Music Player

You can easily download media and music with the help of the Snaptube app. But, you can stream music through the internet only. To listen to music offline, you can download the Lark Player.

The Lark Player is a product by the same company. They have designed it to help you play music without interruption. All you need to do is visit your Play Store, search for the Lark Player, and download it.

lark player

Here’s the link for it in case you face any issue.

  • The Lark Player offers lyrics to help you sing along.
  • You can multitask as it is a floating player.
  • You can share music with your friends over social media.
  • It is possible to control streaming, such as equalizers, etc.
  • It is also possible to set a sleep timer to turn off the music when it is time to sleep.

With such amazing features, Snaptube and the Lark Player make the best combination. Visit the website and explore more.


updated by Chief Editor on May 16, 2022