One of the most popular websites available on the internet for streaming various kinds of movies online and free of cost is known as Filmywap. Previously, movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and even Tollywood were shown or available for free to download from the Filmywap website.

Now that Filmywap is no longer available for anyone around the internet to stream pirated movies or get downloadable links. It might be time for you to look at the other alternatives on the internet. 

If you have been looking for the best Filmywap alternative that could provide you with all the available features and more. Then, Snaptube might be the ideal replacement for it.

Filmywap Movies Download Alternative Solution – Snaptube

When finding the best possible replacement for the Filmywap Bollywood movies download, nothing would come closer to the application of Snaptube. Snaptube has all the new features that should be available in a movie or web series downloader to make it more convenient for the users to use.

You can download different movies, web series, and videos effectively and efficiently. It also supports various other websites from where you can download anything you prefer the most.

snaptube to download movies

Key Features of Snaptube as an Alternative to Filmywap App

Snaptube is a great alternative tool to Filmywap downloader because of its promising features. Enlisted are some key features for its users:

1. Free of cost

The first and foremost feature that Snaptube offers, is the opportunity to use the application at the cost of nothing. You can download movies as you like, and you wouldn’t even have to make an account and sign in for user authorization.

2. Movies in different languages

Suppose you are a big movie or web series fan. You want to expand your choices beyond one language. Then, Snaptube would offer you that chance effectively as movies or web series are available in different genres and various languages like Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.

3. Videos available in a wide range of resolution

There is a wide range of resolutions in which the videos are made available to the users for download. For Filmywap Bollywood movies download you need access to good internet, but with Snaptube fast loading processor, it’s much easier to watch and download high-resolution movies without interruption.

4. Completely safe to use

One of the essential features of Snaptube over Filmywap is that it provides users with security while using the application. When it comes to downloading videos from third-party sources, there is always a risk of getting some virus installed in the device along with them. However, Snaptube ensures these things never happen to your device.

5. Downloading from various sources

While using Snaptube, you not only can download various movies directly from its site. You can even add or bookmark various other websites that you find suitable for downloading various movies or videos per your preferences. Better than Filmywap, it even allows you to share videos with your contacts effectively.

6. More than downloading videos

Snaptube is primarily suitable for downloading various movies or videos. However, it is not the case as it allows you to extract the songs used in videos and turn them into MP3, unlike Filmywap movies download.

You can make different playlists and store the videos as per your liking. Additionally, you can play the videos from the picture in picture mode.

How to Download Movies for Free with Snaptube?

Now that you have straightforwardly learned about Snaptube, you might be interested in downloading and installing the application on your device. However, before you do so, you would need to know the different steps to download movies from Snaptube instead of Filmywap. 

Let us look at the various steps involved in it one by one:

Step 1: Download the Snaptube application

You can only start downloading the movies from Snaptube if you have downloaded the application correctly. Hence, you should first download the Snaptube APK version.

Once you have downloaded the APK, tap on it to launch the application. At this point, provide permission to your browser to install it safely.

Download the Snaptube application

Step 2:  Searching for your favorite movies to download

After successfully launching the movie download application, visit its homepage. Now, search for any videos you want by typing in its search bar. You would need to input the necessary keyword or copy-paste the movie or video link from any other sources, then press enter.

search for bollywood movies

Step 3:  Downloading the movies using Snaptube

For the last step, after you have found the video you want to download, click on its thumbnail to play it. You can find a download icon at the bottom screen. In this menu, choose on the preferred format and resolution (from 144p to 1080P and 4K), then tap on the download button again, which will download your video effectively into your device. You can access the downloaded movies from the gallery app or Snaptube’s library.

free download movies in hd


For many people, the Filmywap website could have been the best place to download movies or stream them online free of cost. However, now that downloading movies in Filmywap has been banned throughout the internet due to pirating, the application of Snaptube could work as the perfect alternative for you. 

updated by Chief Editor on 12月 02, 2022