There was a time when animation shows and movies were only meant for kids watching. After some time, the concepts started changing and many adults also started admiring cartoon characters. The whole concept changed when anime come to existence. It is a Japanese series of animation characters which are now loved by people of every age group. Due to the worldwide popularity of anime, many developers started introducing dedicated apps only for anime. One of the oldest and widely used apps for watching these shows is Crunchyroll. This app gives you access to watch every anime right after it is released in Japan. If you are a user of Crunchyroll app and want something beyond the subscription limits of this app then scroll down for more options.

Part 1. Top 5 Apps like Crunchyroll

1) Snaptube

The name of Snaptube application will always come on topmost position whenever you start looking for a powerful Crunchyroll app alternative. It is a user friendly multimedia app where you can explore the videos from worldwide websites at one touch. To watch the latest episodes of anime, you just need to enter the keyword in the topmost search bar. If it is not available, type the URL of site that offers online streaming option. If you have a plan to watch it later, simply save in the phone memory and watch in spare time even where no internet connection is available.
snap tube for android

2) Viewster

As an alternative to Crunchyroll apk, you can go with Viewster because it has many interesting features. You don’t need to subscribe for any plan, not even any signup is required to use the services. The Anime section in this app is continuously growing and most of them are available in high definition. Apart from that, it also contains other entertainment stuff in animated format such as gaming series and sci-fi movies. It is a smart application that tracks your activities to personalise the news feeds. Once you start using it, the app will only serve the anime according to your preference.

crunchyroll app

3) Animega

It is a fully dedicated anime application available for using in Android devices. Animega is a content rich alternative to Crunchyroll app where you can find the anime series classified in various categories just like genres of movies. One can choose the content on the basis of editor’s choice and favourite lists created by existing users. It is a third party application where all videos are obtained which are authorised for public viewing. Thus there is no need to worry about censorship. Animega has a modern but simple interface that one can access without having any prior knowledge.

crunchyroll apk

4) Simkl Lists

Simkl Lists is a highly recommended Crunchyroll application for those people who want every kind of TV entertainment stuff at single platform. This is a new but one of the most reliable applications in which you can create custom lists for watching anime, movies and shows in a row. Most of the entertainment stuff available here is based on latest releases so check what is about air next and save money wastage in tickets. A large number of useful features are included by developers n this app like TV series guide, reminder option and show tracker. Once you sign up to the app, it will regularly start sending you the emails and Facebook alerts regarding upcoming shows.

crunchyroll tv app

5) Best Anime

If you want a simple application for watching anime without the interference of other videos then choose this one. Best Anime app gives you access for latest released anime series with unlimited hours of watching. Basically these series are available in Japanese language but this alternative to Crunchyroll app also provides you option of English subtitles to understand the story. The online streaming in this app comes with fast loading feature and has a simple design to access without confusing.

crunchyroll app not working

Part 2. How to Use Crunchyroll Android App Alternative

If you are a big fan of anime videos and want a reliable source to watch all new and old episodes then start using Snaptupe –  the best Crunchyroll TV app replacement. It can provide you the entertainment stuff available on any website including video and audio files. If you are a new user and want to gain full access over the app then follow these simple steps.

1)  Open the Snaptube on your Android device and enter the keyword of anime in the topmost search bar. It will show all results available.

2) For more precise search, you can also enter the web address of a particular site where online streaming feature is available.
3) Once the video file will appear, tap on the downloading button to find all available video formats. In the latest version of Snaptube, one can also get the videos in 2k, 4k and 8k resolution.


4) Just select the video quality and file will be automatically saved in your Smartphone. While using this feature, it is preferred to connect your Android device with a Wi-Fi network.

updated by Chief Editor on May 16, 2022