Are you passionate about cricket?
If your answer is “yes”, then you are at the right place. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, it is considered as a religion by many. Just like you, I also follow cricket rigorously. Too often, people ask me about a cricket app to stream live matches or watch the highlights of the previous matches. There are tons of practice and gaming apps as well that you can use. In this post, I have come up with an extensive collection of every kind of cricket apps that you should know about. Let’s get it started with!

Part 1. Cricket Video Apps

To start with, let’s have a look at some apps to watch cricket matches without much trouble.


Snaptube is undoubtedly one of the best apps to watch cricket online. It is a freely available Android app with a user-friendly interface. Supporting HD streaming, it has integrated numerous video sharing platforms in one place. You can look for match highlights from all kinds of websites and apps without any hassle. In this way, you can easily browse its interface and watch the highlights of previous cricket matches easily. Also, you can watch the latest sports news to keep yourself updated. All of this makes Snaptube a must-have cricket app for Android.
snap tube for android

Star Sports

Star Sports is a popular TV channel in Asia, which is owned by the Star Network. If you want, you can simply download its dedicated cricket app as well. It features all the match highlights that are broadcasted on the network. Besides that, you can also find tons of other cricket-related content on it too.

cricket game app download

Part 2. Live Cricket Apps

For all those cricket enthusiasts who wish to watch live cricket matches, I recommend downloading these apps:


Hotstar is another app that is owned by the Star Network. The app might not be dedicated to cricket, but it streams all the popular matches live. Since the app majorly has a South Asian audience, the matches it hosts are also related to teams like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is also known to host live Indian Premium League matches.

cricket line app

Sony Liv

Owned by Sony Entertainment, this is another popular live cricket streaming app that you can download to watch live matches. It works similar to Hotstar and has tons of other content to stream as well apart from cricket matches. Though, you would have to get its paid subscription to use it.

cricket coaching app


Since Hotstar and Sony Liv would ask you to get a premium subscription to watch all the live matches, a lot of users look for alternatives. I would recommend trying CricBuzz, as it is a freely available cricket app to watch live matches. You can find all kinds of league as well as tournament matches on CricBuzz. There is also tons of information about players, rankings, news, and more.

australia cricket app

Sky Sports

For all those who stay outside the Indian subcontinent, Sky Sports app would be a great option. The live cricket TV app usually caters to its audience in the UK and other western nations. It hosts all the leading championship leagues and tournaments so that you can start streaming live matches.

cricket live video app

Part 3. Cricket Coaching Apps

If you like to learn how to play cricket or wish to harness your skills, then you can give these apps a try.

My Cricket Coach

My Cricket Coach is an ideal cricket app for beginners to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. It will provide a complete coaching with live simulations. Besides making you familiar with all the rules, it will present different real-life scenarios. This will help you learn cricket in less time for sure.

live cricket app download


If you wish to get a one-on-one coaching from an expert, then you can also download this cricket learning app. There are plenty of in-app tutorial videos that you can watch to learn cricket. Furthermore, the app can also help you get in touch with a coach remotely as well. You can also record your progress and access your stats on the go.

live cricket match app

Cricket Training

As the name suggests, the cricket training app will let you train to be a pro in no time. It features a live simulation, online matches, video tutorials, and so much more that you can access. Most of the content is freely available, but you can make in-app purchases to access its premium features.

smart cricket app

Part 4. Cricket Game Apps

Who doesn’t love cricket games, right? By playing these games, you would never get bored and can also strengthen your cricket skills.

T20 Cricket Games

Developed by Aired Media, this smart cricket app is solely focused on the T20 cricket format. You can select any readily available team or make your own dream team as well. It provides a user-friendly 3D environment and features different levels.

cricket rewards app

Real Cricket

The app provides a simulated environment that will make you feel as if you are playing cricket on a real-time basis. Developed by Nautilus Mobile, this cricket app provides a hassle-free way to play T20, one-day, and test matches. Even though the basic version is freely available, it also has in-app purchases.

cricket news app

World Cricket Championship

This is one of the most popular cricket gaming apps out there. Since the app is not extremely heavy to load, it works flawlessly on almost all the devices. This is a freely available multi-player cricket app, but it also provides in-app purchases as well.

cricket application

Now when you know about all kinds of cricket apps, you can easily follow your passion. To watch the match highlights, you can simply download Snaptube on your device. You will find unlimited content related to cricket on Snaptube free of cost. Also, you can watch movies and series of different genres on it, which makes it a must-have app for every Android user.

updated by Chief Editor on May 16, 2022