“Which is the best app to play music without WiFi or mobile data on my Android phone?”

As a friend of mine asked me this, I realized that there are so many people who look for apps that play music offline. If you look up on the Play Store, you can find several apps that play music without the internet. Though, not all of them are freely available or easy to use. To help you select apps to play music offline, I have handpicked the right option here.

Lark Player: The Best Offline Music Player App

Out of all the apps that play music offline for free, Lark Player should be your next pick. It needs no internet connection and would also let you manage your saved audio files seamlessly.
lark player

  • On the media player, you can find all saved audio files on your phone, listed under different categories.
  • The music player has an advanced equalizer and lets us customize its overall appearance as well.
  • You can go to the “Playlist” section to create and manage multiple playlists without any hassle.
  • The offline music player app can also be used to discover new and trending music of different genres.
  • Furthermore, you can also sync the lyrics of any song to sing along and customize your music experience with its other features.

How to Use the Lark Player App to Play Music without WiFi

Using the Lark offline music player app is extremely easy and it doesn’t even need an active internet connection as well. Being one of the best apps that play music offline, it is free and can be used in the following way.

Step 1: Install the best app to play music offline

At first, you can just go to the Play Store, look for “Lark Player”, and tap on the “Install” button to get this best app that plays music offline on your phone.

Step 2: Set up your music player

After installing, launch the Lark offline music player app and grant it the needed permissions to access your phone’s media. This will let the media player display your music in different sections.

Step 3: Listen to music offline

That’s it! Now you can just look for any song on Lark Player and play it without an internet connection. One of the best apps that play music offline for free, it will also let you create playlists and customize your music experience. You can also set lyrics for any song and further find trending music under different categories.

Snaptube: A User-friendly Free Video Player

Just like Lark Player, you can also use Snaptube to watch videos on your Android phone offline. The app is extremely easy to use and would let you watch videos of different formats offline. It supports every major video format and also features a dark mode that you can enable whenever you want. Snaptube also offers a picture-in-picture mode to let you watch any video while multitasking on your phone.
snaptube for android
Now when you know about some of the best apps that play music offline, you can meet your entertainment needs for sure.

updated by Chief Editor on May 16, 2022