Tubemate is a popular video downloader app for Android. It helps users to download and convert videos and so on. However, sometimes it stops working or cannot provide the quality of the video you need. Also, unexpected ads while exploring video content is another major drawback of Tubemate. Therefore, sometimes we feel the need for apps like Tubemate but with better features. There are numerous apps similar to Tubemate on the market, so for your convenience, we are bringing you the best Tubemate alternative for Android in this article. Check it out and fall in love with it!


Best Tubemate Alternative for Android

Snaptube is known for its user-friendly interface as well as easy downloading features that you cannot expect in any other video downloader apps. In addition to providing you with the ability to download videos and music for free, this application also acts as a browser to access and watch multimedia content online. 

This Tubemate similar app comprises some better features. For example, this app is capable of downloading video with a maximum resolution of 4K, while Tubemate can only download the maximum resolution up to 1920 X 1080. More pros and cons of both video downloader apps can be found below.

snaptube video and music downloader


Comparing Snaptube and Tubemate App

Snaptube is an app similar to Tubemate in many ways:

  • Both apps are free to use. 
  • Both apps focus on downloading videos from online streaming sites.
  • Both apps support downloading in multiple formats.
  • Both apps allow you to save audio files without downloading the entire video.

Snaptube, although a Tubemate similar app, comes out on top of Tubemate in all aspects. Below are some reasons signifying its supremacy:

  • The downloading speed of Snaptube is much faster than Tubemate even if you have started multiple downloads in a row.
  • Snaptube supports more online streaming sites than Tubemate, which means more videos and songs for you to browse and download
  • Snaptube can turn to picture-in-picture mode, so that you may switch to other apps to check messages, edit emails, etc. while watching videos.
  • You can explore almost every streaming website by putting the URL in the search bar. 
  • While streaming a video online, its ad blocker provides a seamless entertainment experience.
  • You can get all personalized content on the home screen.
  • Snaptube is 100% safe to download from its official website approved by three leading cybersecurity service providers.

Whatever was lacking in other apps like Tubemate is present in Snaptube. You can access all premium features of this similar app like Tubemate for free of cost. Also, don’t forget to check out the latest feature of dark mode to set the compatibility with your eyes’ comfort.

How to Download Videos and Music for Free with Snaptube

Step 1: Install the Snaptube video downloader

Firstly, download the Snaptube video downloader APK on your device. Later, you can tap on the downloaded APK and let your browser successfully install the app.

secure download video

Step 2: Search for any video to download

After installing the Snaptube video downloader, you can launch it, and just look for anything to download. On the app, you can find all kinds of movies, shows, music videos, and so much more. You can enter keywords or a URL in the search bar and preview the results. 

download gujarati movie

Step 3: Free download videos on your phone

Tap on the video thumbnail and it will be played on Snaptube. To save it, just tap on the download icon, which you can find at the bottom of the interface. Now, select a preferred resolution and format for the video and wait as it would be saved on your device.

free download video

That’s it! By following this simple drill, you can use the Snaptube video downloader app for free and get your favorite videos. It will let you download all kinds of movies, shows, funny videos, and so much more. What’s better, there are no download limits. So why stick with Tubemate?


Is Tubemate safe?

No, because Tubemate has bad certification. Tubemate does not have SSL certificate, which is very much mandatory for the web app that includes a login page. And Tubemate uses SHA1 hash algorithm, which is known to have collision issues.

Which is better, Tubemate or Snaptube?

Snaptube, although a Tubemate similar app, is better than Tubemate in all aspects like download speed, video quality, user experience, etc.

updated by Chief Editor on Nov 22, 2022