If you are using Snaptube app and there is no download button appearing with any video, the reason may be that you are in a region where snaptube is not available. In some regions like the United States and China, Snaptube app doesn’t provide download services due to the Terms of Service, so the download button is hidden.

If you’re trying to download videos on external sites, please keep Snaptube running in the background and turn on the option「Settings > Apps > Snaptube > Draw over other apps」. If the download button still does not appear, there are two possible reasons:

① Snaptube may not support downloading videos from this site. You can send us the site’s link via Snaptube app feedback, then Snaptube developers will consider adding this website.

② The download button failed to appear due to the Android update issue, go back to Snaptube app and paste the link you copied into the search bar. You’ll find the video or picture in Snaptube app with the download button.

Besides, the embedded videos on other websites are not available to download with Snaptube app.

updated by on Jan 20, 2022